Traditional management approaches have been based on understanding the relationship between natural resources and communities
Protected areas must be managed effectively, requiring appropriate institutional and governance
an expanded connected network of well managed conservation areas is the most robust proven solution to confront global problems
Protected areas should achieve a sufficient quality of management to meet their objectives
The world's premier gathering on protected areas
Reaching global conservation goals - focus on the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014




Charlotte Karibuhoye Said, WCPA - Central and West Africa

A vision for protected areas in Central and West Africa

by Charlotte Karibuhoye Said
The Central and West Africa region covers 26 countries that span a diversity of landscapes from Sahara desert areas and the Sahel in the north, through herbaceous and shrub savannahs, the equatorial forest belt around the Congo basin, to the numerous delta and estuaries, islands and islets off the Atlantic ocean. This diversity of ecosystems is also reflected in a wealth of species, with the presence of iconic, endemic and threatened species.
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20 Apr 2016 | Article

Bhutan, Himalayas

Bhutan: more than half

 A tiny Himalayan country, landlocked between India and China, has become one of the first – perhaps the first – to meet calls for “nature needs half” by setting aside over half of its land into protected areas and biological corridors. As Bhutan develops, after centuries of isolation, exactly what this commitment means is a focus of both national and international attention. …  

20 Apr 2016 | Article

Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, Mexico

Concerns over scale of threats to natural World Heritage confirmed by new report

Nearly half of all natural World Heritage sites are threatened by industrial activities, according to a new report drawing heavily on data from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)’s World Heritage Outlook. …  

06 Apr 2016 | News story

Moses Mapesa with Elaine Hsiao at the WCPA steering committee in Costa Rica in 2012

Loss of a conservation hero: Moses Mapesa

It is with very deep regret that the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) has learned that our friend and colleague Moses Mapesa has died from complications linked to  leukaemia. Moses had a long and distinguished career in Uganda's national parks, eventually becoming chief executive of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). …  

05 Apr 2016 | Article

PRETOMA, SOS Save Our Species, Yo No Como Tiburon, IUCN, Dogandul, Hammerhead Sharks

A catchy song to help save sharks from costa rican menus

Almost everyone loves a catchy song. Especially Costa Ricans. That's good news for Hammerhead sharks. 

01 Apr 2016 | News story

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