The Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration

Um Zibim Forest Reserve flooded

The Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration (GPFLR)

The Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration is a proactive network that unites governments, organisations, communities and individuals with a common goal. Find here who we are and how you can contact us.

The partnership was initiated with the purpose of catalyzing and reinforcing a network of diverse examples of restoration of forests and degraded lands that deliver benefits to local communities and to nature, and fulfil international commitments on forests.  We believe that ideas transform landscapes.

Through active engagement, collaboration and the sharing of ideas and information we promote an integrated approach that seeks to ensure that forests, trees and the functions that they provide are effectively restored, conserved and employed to help secure sustainable livelihoods and ecological integrity for the future.

The partnership does not seek to establish a parallel policy process or duplicate the efforts of others, but rather to weave a thread through existing activities, projects, processes and institutions to encourage and reinforce the positive roles and contributions of each of them.

Several learning sites have been identified within the Global Partnership of  Forest Landscape Restoration, representing a variety of geographical areas, stakeholder groups, socio-economic conditions and restoration strategies.

The GPFLR independent website can be accessed here.


View of logging road in the Cameroon Forests