Tourism is the main driving force of the Maldives’ economy accounting for more than 30% of GDP, followed by the fishing industry. Both these industries are highly dependent on the pristine nature of the marine environment. However, coral reefs in the Maldives are facing severe and multiple pressures, including over-fishing, pollution and sedimentation.

Whether you are born in the Maldives or have the luck and opportunity to visit and live here, it is clear that there is a strong appreciation of its marine natural heritage by all. Such recognition of the importance of the marine resources leads to a commitment to find innovative ways to protect and manage it for future generations to appreciate and utilise.

The objectives of the IUCN Maldives Marine Projects were developed to address the environmental priorities and challenges that the Maldives faces. They include enhancing coral reef resilience (both social and ecological), supporting climate change adaptation, advancing marine species management and increasing environmental awareness across different sectors. These are ambitious but urgent priorities that require vision, dedication, perseverance and commitment by many individuals, groups and stakeholders of society in order to address them.