There are 391 IUCN Members (data from January 2014) in Europe, North and Central Asia. Like in other areas of the world, the IUCN constituency is very diversified and includes government agencies, international and national non-governmental organisations, as well as affiliate Members. European Members define IUCN’s mandate and priorities for this region. Offices in Belgium, Georgia, Serbia and Spain cover 55 countries. See more on IUCN Secretariat in Europe, North and Central Asia.

Regional coverage. EU overseas entities are also part of the IUCN European region.

The IUCN Council is the principal governing body of the Union. Within this body, six Councillors represent the interests and needs of the European constituency. Click here to read about the Councillors elected in East Europe, North and Central Asia and West Europe for the intersessional period 2012-2016. 

In 17 countries in the IUCN European region, Members are organized in National Committees

Some figures about IUCN's presence in Europe, North and Central Asia

  • 391 Members of which:
  • 25 State Members
  • 39 Government Agencies
  • 302 NGO and International NGO Members
  • 25 Affiliate

  • 17 National Committees
  • More than 1,500 Commission members 
  • 7 Offices hosting more than 220 staff members (including Headquarters and global offices in Cambridge and Bonn)

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