Regional Conservation Forum Helsinki

2015 Regional Conservation Forum

Conservation experts will gather in Helsinki, Finland, for the 2015 IUCN Regional Conservation Forum for Europe, North & Central Asia. Together, they will shape the future of conservation in Europe by identifying the actions and forging the synergies needed for change to happen.

Every four years, the IUCN Regional Conservation Forum for Europe, North & Central Asia (RCF) is held as a unique platform for IUCN Members to exchange, influence and network at regional level by identifying the actions and forging the synergies needed for change to happen.

It is a key event for the IUCN constituency (Members, Commissions, National Committees and the Secretariat) to prepare for the World Conservation Congress 2016, and to ensure that regional matters are adequately taken into account in the preparations for the Congress.

The RCF will gather participants from Europe, North and Central Asia. This includes delegates from IUCN Member organisations in the region (390 organisations at the moment), including State Members, government agencies and NGO representatives, experts and scientist from IUCN Commissions, IUCN staff, representatives from the private sector, partner organisations, donors and foundations, and Host City representatives.

The 2015 Regional Conservation Forum will be organized jointly by IUCN’s European Regional Office (EURO), the Regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia (ECARO), the IUCN Finnish National Committee, and the Host Country (Finland) as a focused meeting fulfilling IUCN statutory requirements and addressing important conservation issues.

Objectives of the Regional Conservation Forum

The RCF provides an opportunity for the IUCN Members to meet and exchange views and hear about priorities and activities ‘on the ground’. It also serves as a platform for members to discuss and stand behind a common Work Programme for Europe, North and Central Asia, thereby multiplying the impact of IUCN’s work throughout Europe.

The general objectives of a Regional Conservation Forum are to:

  1. Enable debates and knowledge sharing among participants to reflect on the priorities of the regional conservation community;
  2. Discuss the priorities and strategy for engaging in EU, regional, national and subnational environmental policy;
  3. Present the draft IUCN Global Programme 2017-2020 and translate into a work programme for Europe, North and Central Asia;
  4. Identify Pan-European collaboration priorities;
  5. Fulfil the statutory requirements for the IUCN Regional Conservation Forums and promote Members’ participation in the governance processes of the IUCN World Conservation Congress;
  6. Showcase successes and conservation results of IUCN members;
  7. Exchange and map successful nature-based solutions in the region.

The RCF gives IUCN members the opportunity to make proposals on activities important for the work of the IUCN Secretariat, and it also provides a platform for the National Committees to further strengthen their collaboration and for the IUCN Commissions to meet.