Protected Planet Report 2014

Protected Planet Report 2014

A global target for protected areas …  

07 Jan 2015 | Downloads - publication

ProtectedPlanet report

Protected Planet Report 2012

Tracking progress towards global targets for protected areas …  

01 Sep 2012 | Downloads - publication


Be inspired by the most beautiful places on the planet. Explore the worlds national parks, wilderness areas and world heritage sites. Help us find and improve information on every protected area in the world. lets you discover these incredible places through elegant mapping and intuitive searching. wants you to contribute information about protected areas alongside national agencies and international organisations. helps you understand what and where our natural resources are being conserved. If you are interested in analysing a global dataset on protected areas, you can download the data, today, here at

What can you do?

 You can search and explore the WDPA database.

You can find points of interest and biodiversity data.

How do we use the information?

We are automatically generating Millennium Development Goal (MDG) indicators of protected area coverage

How can you use it?

Download the most comprehensive global dataset of protected area in the world

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