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To achieve its objectives, WCPA's strategic plan is built around the following priorities, each of which will be addressed by the WCPA network and the protected areas staff of IUCN in an integrated way. Priority programmes in the 2005-2012 period will include:

A number of other programmes will be developed by and driven through the volunteer network of WCPA.


Conservation of biodiversity

through completion of systems of protected areas, particularly in the marine biome, as well as promotion of ecological networks and the ecosystem approach to enhance biodiversity conservation and, where appropriate , sustaible use of biodiversity.

Improved governance of protected areas

Promotion of the full range of governance types for protected areas; increased participation of indigenous peoples and local communities, promotion of contribution of protected areas to human well-being.

Building awareness

Promoting effective conservation edudation and building up practitioner's skills, developing strategies for sustainable financing, and generating and disseminating knowledge.

Knowledge generation and the integration of conservation science

Including traditional knowledge, in management effectiveness, conservation tools and mechanisms, protected area management categories, and the setting and maintenance of standards for protected areas.

The 3rd workshop of Marine Protected Areas management effectiveness evaluation with 9 MPAs, at the Marine National Park Operation Centre, Phuket
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