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Next steps for biodiversity

As the International Year of Biodiversity draws to a close, we take stock of what has been achieved and look at what lies ahead for biodiversity in the coming years. Will we see greater momentum for nature conservation; will high level commitments translate into concrete action; who will be the key players?

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Alex Rogers and dealfish captured in the Indian Ocean

What job can beat that!

The oceans are the largest ecosystem on Earth: on average, they are more than 3,400 m deep and cover over 70% of our planet. But although scientists have been studying them for a long time, much of marine biodiversity remains a mystery. Unveiling the secrets of the deep is Dr Alex Rogers’ speciality. …  

16 Dec 2010 | News story

Scyphiphora hydropyhllacea - a critically endangered mangrove species

We have a plan

Throughout the two weeks of the conference in Nagoya, delegates were discussing a new plan to reduce the current pressures on the planet’s biodiversity and take urgent action to save and restore nature. …  

16 Dec 2010 | Audio

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IUCN Director General takes a look at progress during the International Year of Biodiversity

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