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World Conservation magazine - July 2010


Saving biodiversity - World Conservation Magazine

Saving biodiversity - An economic approach

July 2010

This issue looks at how market forces can be harnessed to save biodiversity as a complement to traditional conservation approaches. We read compelling statistics on the economic value of biodiversity and ecosystems and we hear that companies are making money from conserving biodiversity while helping to safeguard it. Markets for sustainable products and services are expanding rapidly as consumers exercise their power for change, and development projects are coming under ever greater environmental scrutiny from potential investors.

Studies show that the amount of funding currently being invested in conservation is far below what's needed, but if significant new funding does materialize, how should it be spent to best effect? Read the views of leading environmentalists and join the debate.

How would you spend US$ 100 billion on conservation? Read the results of our online debate
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In this issue

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  • Feedback on World Conservation
State of play
  • IUCN’s Chief Economist Joshua Bishop describes the emerging economic approach to biodiversity conservation
Money talks
  • Evidence is mounting of the economic benefits of saving nature
Mind the gap
  • How big is the shortfall in current conservation spending?
The debate
  • If an extra $US 100 billion became available for conservation, how would you spend it? Leading environmental economists and conservation specialists outline their priorities
Raising the bar
  • Dr Andrew Seidl describes some of the methods of generating greater funding for nature conservation
Informed decisions
  • Rainforest Alliance President Tensie Whelan describes how consumer purchasing power can be harnessed to benefit biodiversity
  • Efforts to reduce deforestation under the climate change agenda could generate biodiversity benefits
Smart finance
  • Peter Carter of the European Investment Bank explains the role banks can play in safeguarding biodiversity
Cashing in
  • Some nature conservation organizations are developing commercial enterprises that generate funds for conservation
A small price to pay
  • Industry is starting to value ecosystem services
From the field
  • Some examples of the work under way by IUCN regional offices on ecosystem valuation and investment
Moving the mindset
  • Juan Marco Alvarez outlines what’s needed to make the transition to a green world economy
Off the shelf
  • A selection of publications related to economics and conservation




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