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MicroB3 Stakeholder Workshop participants, Brussels September 2014

Micro B3 Stakeholder Workshop on Data-Sharing and ABS Compliance

On 25 and 26 September 2014, Micro B3 work package 8 organized its second stakeholder workshop, titled “At the Crossroads of Open Access to Data with Access and Benefit-Sharing Requirements – Promoting Pre-competitive Scientific Research”. …  

30 Sep 2014 | News story

Canaima National Park, Venezuela

Second IUCN Red List of Ecosystems photo contest: Open until 5 October

Don't miss your chance to participate in the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems photo contest - open until 5 October! …  

29 Sep 2014 | News story

Summer's Poison Frog constructed out of 20,000 Lego pieces by David Tracy and Ben Greenlee

London art exhibition showcases threatened species

If you are in London, consider visiting ‘The Ark’ - a ten-day urban and contemporary art installation aiming to raise awareness of threatened species. Presented by Bear Cub Gallery, the exhibition features a wide variety of art based on species included on The IUCN Red List of Threatened SpeciesTM. …  

29 Sep 2014 | Article

Jordan National Report for UNCCD

Preparing for the 2016 Jordan National Report for UNCCD: Increasing Capacities

 IUCN ROWA was part of preparing the 5th stage of the Jordan National Report for UNCCD; therefore, the National Desertification Committee second meeting was held on the 4th September, 2014 in Sharm Al Sheikh. …  

29 Sep 2014 | Article

Myanmar-Nepal Exchange of Forest and Farm Producer Groups

Myanmar-Nepal Exchange of Forest and Farm Producer Groups

On June 6-19, 2014, 24 representatives of Myanmar NGOs, parliamentarians, the Forest Department, and local communities visited Nepal to learn from its experience with community forestry and see what it takes to build successful community businesses. They met community forest user groups (CFUGs), community enterprises, NGOs, buyers and marketers, and government officials and discussed a range of issues from forest management to business establishment and marketing. The trip, which was organized by IUCN and ANSAB, the Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bioresources, was sponsored by the FAO-led Forest & Farm Facility (FFF) and Pyoe Pin, a DFID/Sida-funded civil society support program in Myanmar. …  

29 Sep 2014 | Article

Surpâturage dans la forêt de Chêne liège entourant Majen Choucha- Février 2010-

Open call for North Africa civil society organizations: Submit your project!

The call for projects of the IUCN-Med “Small-Scale Initiatives Programme for Civil Society Organizations in North Africa” (PPI-OSCAN) has been launched today, 29th September 2014. Addressed to Civil Society Organizations of Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia, this initiative aims to support young civil society organisations in developing and implementing two-years innovative projects in the field of biodiversity conservation, natural resources management and climate change adaptation. …   | French | Spanish

29 Sep 2014 | News story

GIS workshop - Aqaba

Open Source GIS for Biodiversity Monitoring and Assessment

 On the basis of IUCN’s belief in the importance of building capacities, IUCN ROWA helped increasing the capacities of its members and staff on Geographic Information System (GIS), funded by MAVA Foundation. …  

28 Sep 2014 | Article


Reviewing the Nagoya Protocol to Prepare A Jordan National Action Plan

By promoting the use of genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge, and by strengthening the opportunities for fair and equitable sharing of benefits from their use, the Protocol will create incentives to conserve biological diversity, sustainably use its components, and further enhance the contribution of biological diversity to sustainable development and human well-being.  …  

28 Sep 2014 | Article

Victor Hugo Inchausty Director UICN-Sur

Una red organizada y en movimiento

En un abrir y cerrar de ojos hemos llegado al último trimestre de 2014. Ha sido un tiempo intenso; nos hemos concentrado no únicamente en la preparación hacia el Congreso Mundial de Parques y la COP20, sino también en la implementación de nuestros proyectos, todos ellos con la participación de nuestros miembros. …  

27 Sep 2014 | News story

Presentación resultados Alonso Revilla

La definición de acuerdos de conservación como mecanismos para distribución de beneficios para REDD+ avanza en Shampuyacu

Varios estudios y acciones se desarrollan en la comunidad nativa Shampuyacu, los cuales han permitido sentar las bases para la definición de Acuerdos de Conservación como ejemplo de mecanismos para la distribución de beneficios para REDD+.  …  

26 Sep 2014 | News story

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