Children Playing at Zarqa River

REWARD, a new name for the regional water programme

The Regional Water Resources & Drylands Programme (REWARD) is the new name for the West Asia/Middle East Regional Water Programme. "This new name expresses the idea that water and drylands ecosystems must be REWARDing to local people, while people have to REWARD or value their ecosystems. At the same time, the Arabic translation of REWARD, "Mukafa'a" also implies the benefit of win-win situation." According to Peter Laban, IUCN REWARD Programme Coordinator.  He added that taking care of your ecosystems provides an important price as a REWARD to your own life!" …  

27 Feb 2008 | News story

Julia Marton-Lefèvre, Directora General de la UICN

La Directora General de la UICN fue condecorada por el Gobierno de Francia

Julia Marton-Lefèvre fue reconocida por su labor a favor del desarrollo sostenible, la ciencia y la paz.

26 Feb 2008 | News story

4th meeting of WGWAP to be held in Switzerland, 22-25 April 2008

The fourth meeting of the western gray whale advisory panel will be held at the Hotel Alpha-Palmiers in Lausanne, Switzerland between 22-25 April 2008. For further information on the meeting contact sarah.gotheil@iucn.org 

22 Feb 2008 | News story

IUCN appoints new panel member

Following a request by IUCN for nominations, Dr David Weller has been appointed to the WGWAP after the resignation of Dr Tim Ragen. Dr Weller has a long association with the Panel and its predecessors and has a long history of working with western gray whales. We are delighted to welcome Dr Weller on board and look forward to his continued involvement. …  

22 Feb 2008 | News story

IUCN WAME Regional Director signs MOU with President of NCWCD, Prince Bandar bin Saoud Al-Saoud

Strategic partnership on biodiversity conservation in Saudi Arabia

IUCN West Asia/Middle East (WAME) Regional Office has signed a new memorandum of understanding with the National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development (NCWCD) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide technical support in the field of biodiversity conservation focusing the technical support on the CBD. …  

21 Feb 2008 | News story

Northern Bald Ibis

IUCN WAME shows major commitments to save the critically endangered Northern Bald Ibis in Syria

The first-ever meeting of the Species Survival Commission Specialist Group Chairs held in United Arab Emirate on 13 February 2008 …  

21 Feb 2008 | News story

Première mission sur le terrain du panel sur le pétrole en Mauritanie

Première mission sur le terrain du panel sur le pétrole en Mauritanie

Le Panel pétrole en Mauritanie organise sa première mission de terrain du 20 au 29 février 2008. La mission prévoit la visite des sites pétroliers, une session de formation à l'Université de Nouakchott, des entrevues au Ministère de l'Environnement et à l'UICN et, une session de travail avec la plateforme de dialogue mise en place lors du démarrage des activités du panel en octobre 2007. Lire article et voir aussi la Lettre du Panel de février 2008. 

20 Feb 2008 | News story

Barcelona Congress

More than 700 events accepted for the World Conservation Forum

The Call for Contributions for the IUCN World Conservation Forum that closed on 31 October 2007 resulted in an overwhelming response from IUCN’s members, partners and from the broader conservation community. More than 1500 proposals were submitted during the 6 months of the Call. …  

20 Feb 2008 | News story

Holly Dublin, Chair of the SSC, presenting Dr Russell Mittermeier with the Sir Peter Scott Award for Conservation Merit

Sir Peter Scott Award Presented to Dr Russ Mittermeier

Holly Dublin, Chair of the SSC, presented Dr Russell Mittermeier with the Sir Peter Scott Award for Conservation Merit at the recent meeting of the SSC Specialist Group Chairs in Al Ain, UAE.

18 Feb 2008 | News story

Indígena de los andes

Territorios de Conservación Indígena: Una nueva opción de gobernanza de las áreas protegidas

Reconocer e integrar el concepto de "Territorio Indígena de Conservación" en las políticas y prácticas de las áreas protegidas es crucial para alcanzar los objetivos de las áreas protegidas del CDB, según lo indicado por organizaciones indígenas en la reunión del CDB. 

18 Feb 2008 | News story