Validation of a procedural manual for the implementation of a national REDD+ comission : criteria of acceptance of pilot projects

28 December 2013 | News story

This validation workshop took place from November 04 to 06 2013. It was also an opportunity to present the methodology and preliminary results to the study on “Factors of deforestation and forest degradation- a study carried out by the IUCN in the Tri-national de la Sangha (TNS) and of the Trinational-Dja-Odzala Minkebé landscapes. The exchanges during this workshop on the validation of a procedural manual for the execution as well as the criteria for the acceptance of steering projects were validated.

Methodology used, necessitated the presentation of two distinct documents, then later, participants were divided into three groups, two of which focused on the procedural manual and the other, on the criteria for the acknowledgement of steering projects. Observations made were validated during the plenary session. This methodology provided for the opportunity to peruse the document in its entirety, and validate it amidst all the observations made. The next projected step will be aimed at disseminating the document to all the participants of the workshop.

The methodology and preliminary results on the factors of deforestation and forest degradation of forests was presented. The participative approach adopted by the IUCN was lauded. Major observations focused on the introduction of scientific factors especially the analysis of satellite images.

This workshop was attended by numerous stakeholders in the REDD+ project-Sectoral ministries, civil society organization and partners in development. The workshop was entirely financed by the project entitled “Support to the participation of multi-actors to the REDD+ project in Cameroon, the Congo, Gabon and The CAR.”

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