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Ravilevu Nature Reserve, Taveuni, Fiji.

New WCPA groups looking into governance of protected and conserved areas, and OECMs

 WCPA responds to the need for bringing together expertise, and providing guidance, on the governance of protected and conserved areas, as well as on criteria for "Other Effective Area-based Conservation Measures" as referenced by Aichi Target 11. If you are interested in joining these groups, please contact them directly under the contact details listed below. …  

01 Sep 2015 | Article

Community forest resource planning, Vietnam

Understanding the opportunities of governance study in National Protected Area Systems

The IUCN Regional Conservation Forum for South America was held from 31 August to 2 September in Quito, Ecuador. Attended by almost seventy IUCN member organisations, it was a unique occasion to extend the reflection on governance of protected and conserved areas, inspired by the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014, in Sydney. More particularly, it was an opportunity to discuss the implications of the Promise of Sydney and recognize that diversity, quality and vitality of governance are one of the most important innovations of the decade and a fundamental element to reach the Aichi Targets in 2020.   …  

01 Sep 2015 | Article

Foro Sudamericano de Conservación 2015

Las máximas autoridades de la UICN visitan América del Sur

Inger Andersen, Directora General de la UICN, y Zhang Xinsheng, Presidente de la UICN, participarán en el Segundo Foro Sudamericano de Conservación que se lleva a cabo del 31 de agosto al 3 de septiembre del 2015 en Quito.  

01 Sep 2015 | News story

The IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016 will take place 1-10 September in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi

Countdown begins to the world’s leading environmental summit

Gland, Switzerland, 1 September 2015 (IUCN) – Today marks one year to the opening of the IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016, the world’s largest and most inclusive environmental decision-making forum that will define the future path for nature conservation. …  

01 Sep 2015 | News story



未来的红树林应该是什么样的? “应该是一个健康的海岸生态系统,并能为依赖其生存的沿海社区百姓提供安全庇护和可持续发展的繁荣生计。”——这是由世界自然保护联盟(IUCN)和联合国开发计划署(UNDP) 共同发起的“未来红树林”(Mangroves For the Future,MFF)项目给出的答案。 …  

01 Sep 2015 | Article

Cultural event in Krayan Mentarang NP, Indonesia

Building on customary law for involving Indigenous Peoples in PA management in Indonesia

Kayan Mentarang National Park, Indonesia   …  

31 Aug 2015 | Article

Village co-management committee meeting in Hin Nam No Protected Area, Lao PDR

Village rangers and a vertical co-management system ensure effective PA management – the case of Hin Nam No PA, Lao

Hin Nam No National Protected Area is one of Lao’s most inaccessible protected areas. GIZ has helped to set up co-management structures, which allow reliance on the skills and knowledge of local people to a large extent in order to ensure adequate management of the site in spite of the rugged terrain. The approach has been promoted as an “Inspiring Protected Area Solution” through the Panorama platform.   …  

31 Aug 2015 | Article

Ocean Elder

The importance of regional networks of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and how to achieve them - An opinion piece by Graeme Kelleher AO

Graeme Kelleher is an “Ocean Elder”, a long-standing active WCPA member and author of the WCPA “Guidelines for Marine Protected Areas”, among many other publications. Based on decades of experience, Graeme has distilled some of his thoughts on how best to go about conservation involving marine protected areas, which we are happy to promote here. …  

31 Aug 2015 | Article

IUCN Lao PDR Country Manager Adam Starr sharing some strategies for the revision of the NBSAP.

Technical working groups established to support development of second National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan

The Department of Forest Resource Management (DFRM), under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE), on Thursday 27 August, organized a consultation workshop to support the revision and finalization of the second National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) 2011-2020. Held at Vientiane Plaza Hotel, the workshop comes three days after DFRM signed an agreement with IUCN to finalize the NBSAP and to prepare the Fifth National Report (5NR) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). …  

31 Aug 2015 | Article

Tiny island near Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia

Micronesia/Melanesia: Small islands, large seas – and a different view on protected areas

The northern Pacific Ocean is a seemingly endless stretch of water, scattered with thousands of islands and atolls, which average a third of a square mile in size. However, these Small-Island Developing States (SIDS) are also “Large Ocean Countries” – with their combined marine territories covering an area the size of the continental United States. Climate change impacts are immediate – not as something to be expected in a distant future - they are impacting water and food security, migration patterns, economic activities and many other realities of life. …  

31 Aug 2015 | Article

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