In every region, in every country, working better together starts with better listening for real conversation. Networks of people are where the conversation begins. The meeting can be face-to-face in a conference center, on a cell phone or in cyberspace. Internet technologies are opening up tremendous new opportunities for social networking. And there’s more to explore in multi-media and new media for interactive learning.

Our members have been instrumental in:

  • Positioning Communication, Education and Public Awareness (CEPA) in the Convention on Biological Diversity and other multilateral environmental agreements
  • Promoting stakeholder participation and community involvement 
  • Strengthening IUCN programmes by advising on strategic communication and effective tools and methods.

In our Strategic Plan 2009-2012, CEC makes it a priority to experiment with communication and social networking technologies and methods, seeking to engage and service the sustainability community and its goals. CEC aims to build linkages, relationships and necessary social capital. CEC will use new as well as traditional communication platforms to enhance interaction and learning, and to work more effectively together to leverage behaviour change. 

What are CEC members doing, and how can you become involved? Please contact the CEC Regional Vice-Chair in your region.