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Many people depend on wildlife and plants directly for their livelihoods, food, fuel, shelter and medicines. However, over-exploitation puts the survival of many species at risk. The monitoring and regulation of wildlife trade is therefore essential in the protection of wild species.

Both the IUCN Species Programme and IUCN SSC Sustainable Use Specialist Group work to promote the conservation, sustainable use and trade of wild species. They work with other IUCN SSC Specialist Groups to gather and analyze information on the sustainable use of wild species which can be used to advise international processes such as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES). 

In collaboration with TRAFFIC International, IUCN Species Programme provides an independent analysis of the proposals submitted by CITES Parties to amend the Convention's Appendices which list the species affected by trade and restrictions on their trade. This work is entitled the Analyses of the Proposals to Amend the CITES Appendices. This work is sought after by nations and regions to inform their decision-making at CITES meetings and in their natural resource management operations. 

Fishing on the Tanguar Haor, Bangladesh

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