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13A-063-030, Athony and George excavating a nest, photo credit Trokon Saykpa, SOS Save Our Species, STW Liberia

Poachers Turn Protectors in Bassa Point Community

“I started poaching turtle eggs when I was ten years old!” declares Anthony Peabody. Since 2012, however, Anthony has been working as a beach monitor and turtle protector thanks to Sea Turtle Watch (STW) Liberia’s community oriented conservation programme. With four species including Hawksbill, Leatherback, Olive Ridley and Green turtles using these beaches, Liberia is important for marine turtle conservation.    …  

20 Apr 2016 | News story

13A-049-009, Chimbo Boé landscape in the rainy season, SOS SAve OUr Species, Stichting Chimbo, Boé Region, Guinea-Bissau

Bush fire management in the Boé

In a region such as the Boé, Guinea Bissau, effective fire management is critical to maintaining a balance between local wildlife and farming community needs, according to Tedros Medhin, project coordinator with grantee Stichting Chimbo (Chimbo). “Thanks to SOS our bush fire control program could be expanded”. The project target species is Chimpanzees in and around the future Boé National Park.   …  

18 Apr 2016 | News story


IUCN welcomes 22 new Members

 The IUCN Council has admitted 22 new Members bringing the total membership to 1351 Members, the highest number to date. …   | French | Spanish

15 Apr 2016 | News story

13A-060-006, Cocoa truck hidding ivory tusk, Djoum, Cameroon, (C) Oliver Fankem_ZSL, SOS Save Our SPecies,

Exposing illegal trade in elephant tusks

Following a seizure of ivory, a suspected illegal trader has been sentenced to imprisonment. Paul de Ornellas of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), a grantee with IUCN’s SOS initiative, explains how ZSL helped expose the crime.   …  

15 Apr 2016 | News story

Participants à la formation TOP-SECAC au Mali

Mali : Des collectivités formées à l’intégration du changement climatique dans les Plans Locaux de Développement

Du 04 au 06 avril 2016, a eu lieu à Sélingué au Mali, l’atelier de renforcement des capacités des acteurs locaux dont l’objet était d’outiller les participants à la démarche d’intégration du changement climatique dans la planification locale. …  

11 Apr 2016 | News story

DRDH, 2013A-064 SOS Save Our Species, Sawfish

Reality bites with game theory in West African Sawfish conservation

“Outreach and sensitization has to be tuned to local sensibilities”, explains Cécile Brigaudeau, project coordinator with AfricaSaw, from Cacine, a town five hours’ drive from the capital of Guinea-Bissau – three of them on dirt track. …  

11 Apr 2016 | News story

Table ronde des PTF au cours de la 2ème rencontre du ReRao

Les radios d’Afrique de l’Ouest syntonisent leurs fréquences pour l’environnement

Le Réseau des Radios d’Afrique de l’Ouest pour l’Environnement (ReRao) a tenu du 30 Mars au 1er Avril 2016 à Dakar sa deuxième Assemblée générale et lancé à l’occasion une émission radiophonique régionale sur les questions environnementales. …  

08 Apr 2016 | News story

La couverture du bulletin "Suudu Echos"

Suudu Echos, un bulletin pour les partenaires de l’environnement en Afrique de l’Ouest

L’UICN lance le premier numéro du bulletin bimestriel de liaison des partenaires de la gestion durable de l’environnement en Afrique de l’Ouest. …  

05 Apr 2016 | News story

Remplissage de l’IMET dans le parc national de Bururi, février 2016

BIOPAMA advances implementation in West Africa

After the trainings and assessments of protected areas in the WAP complex (W-Arly-Pendjari) in February 2016, the BIOPAMA programme is lending support to national and regional authorities in West Africa and is organizing two new capacity development workshops in April. …   | French

31 Mar 2016 | News story

Women harvesting rice, Vietnam

World Water Day - Blog: 'Why investing in natural water infrastructure will pay off'

By Renat Heuberger, CEO of the South Pole Group, and Mark Smith, Director of the IUCN Global Water Programme. Why did a group of bankers and fund managers spend an afternoon in a Zurich café talking about nature? For opportunity and innovation.   …   | French | Spanish

22 Mar 2016 | News story
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