The severely polluted Zarqa river in Jordan

Minister of Environment explores the environmental situation in Zarqa River

The severely polluted stream of Zarqa River in Jordan is suffering from serious environmental degradation and without an urgent policy-level intervention, the future of the river will remain dark. In an effort to further elevate this issue to the policy level, the newly appointed Jordanian Minister of Environment Eng. Hazem Malhas carried out an exploration mission to Zarqa governorate to closely look at the environmental challenges encountering the river. …  

31 Dec 2009 | News story

Scorpaena notata on Mediterranean coralligenous assemblage (c) Andrea Molinari

Intelligent decisions

If we make the right decisions now about how to adapt to climate change, we can restore and even enhance biodiversity, says Robert Watson. …   | French | Spanish

31 Dec 2009 | News story
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Jordanian journalists

IUCN promotes investigative environmental reporting for journalists

In an effort to harness the vital role of press and media institutions in raising the consciousness towards environmental stewardship and sustainable development, a group of Jordanian journalists were engaged in an interactive 3-day training workshop entitled Media for Sustainable Development. …  

30 Dec 2009 | News story
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EPLP No. 58rev Gobernanza de aguas compartidas revised

Gobernanza de Aguas Compartidas: Aspectos Jurídicos e Institucionales

EPLP No. 58 rev
Grethel Aguilar, Alejandro Iza, 2009 La Unión Mundial para la Naturaleza se complace en presentar la versión revisada de su publicación Gobernanza de las Aguas Compartidas: Aspectos Jurídicos e Institucionales; producto del trabajo conjunto del Centro de Derecho Ambiental y la Oficina Regional para Mesoamérica (ORMA).

23 Dec 2009 | News story
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Philippine crocodile being released into Dicatian Lake

Local pride offers a boost to endangered crocodile

One of the world’s most threatened reptiles has been given a ray of hope in the form of a community programme to reintroduce captive-bred individuals back into the wild. …  

22 Dec 2009 | News story

Arrayan trees in Los Arrayanes National Park in Argentina

Biodiversity: a key weapon in the fight against climate change

Maintaining healthy biodiversity can play a significant role in climate change mitigation and the world’s protected areas - national parks, marine reserves, wilderness areas and so on - are essential in safeguarding this role. …   | French

22 Dec 2009 | News story

Connecting with other Commissions, pictured here with the World Commission on Protected Areas

CEC in 2009: IUCN Collaboration and Connections

Across the diverse Commissions of IUCN, connections are being made. CEC is in a unique position to connect the Commissions because our members are skilled in building partnerships and networks, targeting audiences for message impact, influencing attitudes and changing behaviour. …  

22 Dec 2009 | News story
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A group activity during the training course

CEC in 2009: Learning for Professional Development

CEC members are engaged in Education for Sustainable Development, children and nature, distance learning and more -- education is broadly defined in CEC. In 2009, the emerging focus was on capacity building through professional development. …  

22 Dec 2009 | News story
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Deep-sea trawler at sunset

CEC in 2009: Intergenerational Partnership

CEC members have developed a model for collaboration, exchange of ideas and experiences, and action between people of all ages. In 2009, CEC issued a report on the Buddy Experiment, the pilot test of a model that can be applied across all IUCN Commissions, called 'Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainabililty'. …  

22 Dec 2009 | News story
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CEC in 2009: Green Economy

Greening the world economy is an IUCN priority. CEC members ventured into this area in 2009, making their strongest contribution by way of strategic advice.

22 Dec 2009 | News story
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