You can see the conflict coming: bulldozer-driver, hiker, developer, teacher, farmer, biologist, mayor, tour guide. They all want the same thing: a solution. People and the planet can benefit from new types of alliances and more productive processes for addressing conflict. CEC plays a role as broker and facilitator in the co-creation of sustainable solutions.

CEC members are professionals from around the globe who volunteer their time and talent in pursuit of sustainability. Our 600 members work together to strengthen IUCN and the wider conservation community. We are in the business of transforming behaviour as we seek solutions that sustain people and nature.

In our Strategic Plan for the period 2009-2012, the Commission makes it a priority to help broker valuable strategic and non-traditional alliances. We aim to design generative processes and create environments where people can think, talk and act differently with one another, in order to find new, creative pathways to success. The goal is to focus on a number of global work areas including:

  • Strategic alliances and joint ventures, particularly involving the private sector
  • Conflict resolution processes, incorporating a mutual gains focus and incentive creation
  • Facilitation processes and knowledge management, expanding expertise and identifying best, appropriate and “next” practice

What are CEC members doing, and how can you become involved? Start by contacting the CEC Regional Vice-Chair in your region.