Stream Summaries

The Conference Programme was organised into seven Streams. Summaries of the outcomes of each of these Streams will be uploaded here as they become available. Contact details for each of the Stream Coordinators are available below.

STREAM A: Pathways to a New Vision of Conservation and Development Coordinators: Janis Alcorn, Richard Cellarius and Juanita Cabrera Lopez

STREAM B: Indigenous Values - Biocultural Heritage and the Role of Protected Areas Coordinators: Grazia Borrini-FeyerabendTaghi FarvarNigel Crawhall

STREAM C: Power Sharing and Shared Governance in Practice   Coordinators: Aroha Te Pareake Mead, Vivienne Solis Rvera, Masego Madzwamuse

STREAM D: Sharing Power: Responses to Climate Change, Extractive Industries and Agricultural Policies   Coordinators: Clive Wicks, Aroha Mead, Gonzalo Zambrana

STREAM E: Re-thinking Economics  Coordinators: Alejandro Nadal, Aroha Mead, Lea Scherl

STREAM F: Intercultural Dialogue, Education and Communicating Change  Coordinators: Michel Pimber, Graham Hingangaroa Smith

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