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Peggy Smith (Canada)



News from the Region

CEESP North America - Building a Regional Identity

Iain Davidson-Hunt and Peggy Smith, Vice-Chairs, CEESP, North America - In preparing for the IUCN Canada and the US Office of IUCN meetings to provide input to the 2012-2016 draft work program of IUCN, it became apparent that while CEESP has a large North America membership it is not one which interacts on a regional basis. …  

07 Dec 2011 | Article
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Weaver Lake, in Poplar River's traditional territory

Pimachiowin Aki: Protecting the best of what’s left of the natural world

One of the largest areas of untouched boreal wilderness left in the world straddles a significant section of Eastern Manitoba and Northern Ontario. The local Anishinabe First Nation calls this region Pimachiowin Aki which means the “the land that gives life”. (An Article by David Suzuki)   …  

27 Sep 2011 | Article
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Sunset in Boreal Shield, Canada

The Majesty of Manitoba Preserved

A new law safeguards a vast boreal landscape of pristine lakes and wetlands (Article By Sabrina Richards)   …  

30 Aug 2011 | News story
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Meet the Members

Cheryl Chetkiewicz writes about First Nations in Northern Ontario and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Canada

Cheryl Chetkiewicz is the Landscape Leader for WCS Canada's work in Ontario's Northern Boreal in Ontario, Canada. She is working on a variety of activities to address development and conservation activities that affect species and ecosystems and developing approaches to support First Nations management, research, and conservation needs in this socially and ecologically unique part of the world. …  

09 Jan 2012 | Article
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Outcomes of the Canada Forum for IUCN

The Canadian Forum for IUCN took place in Ottawa on the 19 and 20 September 2011. CEESP Regional Vice-Chair's Iain Davidson-Hunt and Peggy Smith were present.

The Final Report of the meeting can be downloaded below or by visiting the CCIUCN Web site http://www.cwf-fcf.org/iucn/en/events/canadian-forum-for-iucn.html 

Please contact Iain Davidson-Hunt for further information or to discuss how you could contribute to CEESP's work in Canada. 

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