Water and Wetlands Specialist Group

Specialist Group Profile

Chair: Owen McIntyre

The year in review

At the IUCN World Conservation Congress in 2012, the Specialist Group on Water and Wetlands (SGWW) organized and hosted a “Knowledge Café” session on Key Issues in International Water Law - Identifying Progressive Solutions from Best Practice, while several members of the SGWW also participated in a range of other events, including two Conservation Campus events: The Implementation of Rights-Based Approaches to Conservation and Law, Good Governance and Climate Change Adaptation. The SGWW also provided comments on the draft motion Human Right to Water presented to the Congress.

Several members of the SGWW, including the Chair, Dr. Owen McIntyre, organized and participated in specialist thematic sessions at the 6th World Water Forum. SGWW members have also actively participated in a range of international conferences and events on current water-related legal topics, including, for example, a workshop on transboundary freshwaters and a conference on the 1997 UN Watercourses Convention.

Where requested, the SGWW has provided comments on a number of discussion papers developed by other groups working with IUCN. Examples include a Rio+20 position paper on Natural Infrastructure and Nature-Based Solutions. In addition, the Chair discussed with the ELC the possibility of having some SGWW members participate in providing legal advice to communities under the auspices of the ELC’s WLGSP.