Women, Climate Change, Nepal

28 September 2011 | Article

Women have a major role in dealing with the impacts of climate change, especially in countries that lie in the climate change frontline such as Nepal. Shanti Karanjit Oha works with Women in Environment Nepal and told the IUCN Asia Regional Conservation Forum how their work with women in local communities is dealing with the day to day challenges of climate change impacts.

Gender equality and equity are matters of fundamental human rights and social justice, as well as a pre-condition for sustainable development and the achievement of IUCN’s mission.

Shanti Karanjit Oha, Senior Programme Officer, Women in Environment Nepal is focusing her work with women in local communities in some of the most vulnrable areas of the Himalayas.

IUCN enjoys worldwide recognition for the extensive work it has carried out over the past 15 years addressing gender equality within the environmental sector.

Shanti also explains what exactly are they working on with local communities.