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July 2010
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Nagoya de Atsumarou! - Let's get together in Nagoya!

Jane Smart, Director of the Biodiversity Conservation Group and IUCN Head of Delegation for the Convention on Biological Diversity's tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (CBD COP10) Nagoya, Japan, 18-29 October 2010, tells us how IUCN is gearing up for this crucial event.

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> 38 new IUCN Members
> New State Member: Solomon Islands
> Biodiversity climbs corporate agenda
> IUCN and Rio Tinto
> 5th Forum West African Coastal Zone
> Responsible biofuels
> African chimp action plan
> Stop oil & gas exploration now
> Walking the talk
> Fishing and sustainability working group
> Armenian Crane Festival
> IUCN UK Conference & report
> IUCN-Reuters-COMplus Awards
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Resolutions and recommandations system

IUCN Members are encouraged to continue uploading information on their own contributions to resolution implementation in the online system, linked from http://www.iucn.org/members

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IUCN Programme

The IUCN Programme 2009-2012 provides focus for the Union to take action and engage with Members and stakeholders, and deliver concrete results for conservation and sustainability. Find out more about:

> Biodiversity
> Climate Change
> Sustainable energy
> Human well-being
> Green economy

74th Meeting of Council

The 74th Meeting of the IUCN Council took place at Headquarters in Gland, Switzerland from 2 to 4 June 2010.

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New IUCN Committee for Cameroon

IUCN extends a warm welcome to the new National Committee for Cameroon, which was officially recognized by Council at its 74th Meeting.

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Central Africa and West Africa Members' Committees unified

After the merger of the two IUCN Regional Offices in Central Africa and West Africa, and the creation of the Central and West Africa Programme (PACO) in 2008, the much-awaited establishment of a single Regional Committee is now a reality.

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