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Lion fish next to a pristine reef in Seychelles

Blue Bond initiative to protect marine resources launched

Oceans play a significant role in everyone’s lives, but no one is more dependent on them than small, vulnerable and isolated island developing states. Unfortunately, the “deadly trio” of acidification, warming and declining oxygen levels is posing a risk to marine and coastal resources and threatening the livelihoods of millions living in these countries. To address this challenge, the Republic of Seychelles has launched the ‘Blue Bond’, a novel financing initiative which taps into capital markets to fund ocean-related environmental projects. …  

12 Jan 2016 | Article

Dr Ananda Mallawatantri addressing the Expert Session (courtesy:  Korea Environmental Institute)

Dr Ananda Mallawatantri, Country Representative, IUCN Sri Lanka represented IUCN and contributed towards the Bio-Bridge Initiative

As a support to strategic plan for biodiversity 2020 by Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD), the Government of Korea came forward with number of supporting initiatives. The Bio-Bridge Initiative (BBI) is among one such 5 initiatives by the Republic of Korea that started in 2014 to support AICHI target 19: “by 2020, knowledge, the science base and technologies relating to biodiversity, its values, functioning, status and trends, and the consequences of its loss, are improved, widely shared and transferred, and applied.”  …  

12 Jan 2016 | News story

Park rangers

Nominate your Heritage Hero!

Do you know someone who is doing outstanding conservation work for a natural World Heritage site? Would you like to see this person recognised for their exemplary contribution? If so, get in touch! …   | French | Spanish

11 Jan 2016 | Article

Bhumipol Dam, Thailand

One third of the world’s freshwater fish at risk from hydropower dam expansion

A paper released today in Science shows that an unprecedented boom in construction of hydropower dams in the world’s most biodiverse river basins – the Amazon, Congo and Mekong – is placing one third of the world’s freshwater fish at risk. 

08 Jan 2016 | Article

Turtle in Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park

Watching over the universal worth of Tubbataha Reefs’ paradise of blue

What does marine paradise look like? Imagine pristine coral reef, turquoise blue lagoons, whales, dolphins, turtles and seabirds. Such a paradise exists on Earth, in Tubbataha Reefs National Park in the Philippines. …  

08 Jan 2016 | Article

Participants at the meeting

Implementing environmental policy in Viet Nam: IUCN'S experience

When I joined IUCN in late 2008, I asked my staff what they were most proud of. The answer was our work on legislation and IUCN does indeed have an impressive track record. Since the 1980s, IUCN has supported the government with the preparation of numerous environmental policies, strategies, and laws, most recently the Biodiversity Law in 2008, the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan in 2013, and the Law on Sea and Island Natural Resources and Environment in 2015. …  

07 Jan 2016 | Article
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Massif de l'Ennedi, Chad

Twelve nomination files reviewed for natural World Heritage in 2016

IUCN’s World Heritage Panel gathered last December to consider 12 files for possible inscriptions of natural sites on the World Heritage List in 2016. This includes proposals for boundary changes in two natural World Heritage sites in Russia. As the official Advisory Body on natural World Heritage, IUCN will issue its recommendations six weeks before UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee meeting due to take place in Istanbul, Turkey from 10 to 20 July 2016. …  

06 Jan 2016 | News story

Bhitarkanika is the second largest patch of mangroves in India

MFF India announces Call for Concepts under Small Grant Facility

MFF is a partnership-led regional initiative chaired by IUCN and UNDP to promote investment in coastal ecosystem conservation for sustainable development. MFF focuses on the role of healthy, well-managed coastal ecosystems as a contribution to building human resilience in ecosystem dependent coastal communities in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar, Pakistan, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Viet Nam. The initiative uses mangroves as a flagship ecosystem, but MFF is inclusive of all coastal ecosystems, including coral reefs, estuaries, lagoons, sandy beaches, sea grasses and wetlands. The National Coordinating Body of India, chaired by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) provides overall guidance and technical oversight to MFF in India. …  

05 Jan 2016 | News story

Participants contributing to the development of an integrated water resource management strategy

CSO forum identifies strategic priorities for water resource management in the 3S basins

“The BRIDGE forum provided us with the much-needed opportunity to interact with other civil society organisations, share knowledge, learn from each other's work and collectively develop solutions to manage our shared river basins.” …  

04 Jan 2016 | Article

Experts sharing their opinions on Hilsa Conservation

Experts explore the opportunities to improve Hilsa management in Bangladesh

Fisheries experts have recently emphasized to strengthen existing systems and to embrace new ideas while revising the Hilsa Fisheries Management Action Plan and for the overall Hilsa conservation. …  

03 Jan 2016 | Article