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Okavango Delta, a Ramsar Wetland and World Heritage Site

Safeguarding the world’s wetlands – let’s be bold, brave and ambitious

“We have to make the Ramsar Convention a catalyst for change – and change on a scale massive enough to stop and reverse a terrible history of wetland loss and destruction.” …   | Spanish

03 Jun 2015 | News story

Processing shrimps for export in Minh Phu Company

Mangroves & Markets mid-term review

In April, we organized a mid-term review workshop in HCMC for the BMUB-funded project Markets & Mangroves that IUCN and SNV are implementing in the integrated mangrove shrimp (or "shrimp polyculture") landscape that covers most of Ngoc Hien District in Ca Mau Province. The project supports mangrove conservation by training farmers to produce shrimp that meet the Naturland organic standard, which requires at least 50% mangrove cover in line with national legislation. …  

01 Jun 2015 | Article
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EPIC Meeting in Kunming


 中国,昆明,2015年4月14日——由世界自然保护联盟(IUCN)与云南大学农村发展研究中心等共同举办的“基于生态系统的灾害减灾和气候变化适应性研讨会”在昆明文汇酒店举行。会后IUCN工作人员与云南怒江林业局领导一行5人,实地考察了EPIC中国项目点——云南怒江傈僳族自治州大兴地乡。 …  

01 Jun 2015 | Article

Experts Call for Greater Awareness of Emission Impacts through Media Support

The Pakistan Sustainable Transport (PAKSTRAN) Project organized a media sensitization seminar in Karachi today, to raise awareness of the significance of sustainable transport, the adverse impacts of carbon emissions, and the issues of mass transit systems in the country. …  

28 May 2015 | Article

Local fishermen in the fish conservation area,  Cambodia

Fish conservation areas in the Tonle Sap: results of a mid-term review

In early April, we commissioned a mid-term review of our EU-funded project to establish community managed fish conservation areas (FCAs) in three pilot sites in the Tonle Sap: in Phlov Touk Commune in Kampong Chhnang Province; Boeung Chhmar in Peam Bang Commune, Kampong Thom Province; and Kampong Phluk Commune in Siem Reap Province. The review was carried out by Dr. Sarah Milne of the Australian National University and she presented the results at a meeting of the Technical Working Group on Fisheries, which meets every two months and is co-chaired by the EU and the Fisheries Administration (FiA). …  

28 May 2015 | Article
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Representatives of Government, U.N and civil society organizations sharing information about the importance of biodiversity during a press conference.

IUCN Lao PDR reaffirms commitment to protect Lao’s biodiversity

To celebrate this year’s International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB), representatives from the Lao Government, the U.N., as well as national and international civil society organizations gathered together at a press conference held at Lao Plaza Hotel on 22 May to share their views on the importance of biodiversity in Lao PDR.  …  

26 May 2015 | Article

U.S Ambassador Ted Osius discussing during the Leadership Committee meeting

Ha Long - Cat Ba Alliance Leadership Committee Meeting

On May 5, IUCN organized the first meeting of the Ha Long-Cat Ba Alliance Leadership Committee in Ha Long City. Funded by USAID, the Alliance was established in April 2014 to bring government, business, and civil society together to address environmental problems in Ha Long Bay. It is modeled on the Chesapeake Bay Alliance (, which was founded in 1971 and fosters multi-stakeholder partnerships to protect the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers and streams. …   | Vietnamese

25 May 2015 | Article
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Biodiversity is the cornerstone of our existence

International Day for Biological Diversity 2015: Biodiversity for Sustainable Development

Every year on May 22, people around the world celebrate the International Day for Biological Diversity, a day aimed at increasing understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. From habitat loss and overexploitation to illegal wildlife trade and climate change, a whole host of very real and damaging threats is facing the planet’s incredible biodiversity. Combatting these issues lies at the core of IUCN’s work and feeds into the organisation’s mission of ‘a just world that values and conserves nature’. …  

22 May 2015 | Article

Multi-agency approach to improve the Water Safety in Kelani River

Multi-agency approach to improve the Water Safety in Kelani River

Home for more than 25% of Sri Lankans, the Kelani River Basin (KRB) is the primary source of drinking water to millions of people living or working in Greater Colombo. Furthermore, a large number of industries and businesses depend on the natural resources and services provided by the basin. …  

22 May 2015 | News story

Rice varieties displayed at the Native Rice Festival 2015 in Ubon-Ratchathani

Learning to Adapt: Community-led research on rice varieties to increase resilience to climate change

The Kok Klang community in Sakon Nakhon, Northeastern Thailand, has been growing rice as a staple crop since they first settled in the area almost 90 years ago. Later on, they introduced cassava, sugarcane and rubber as new sources of income. Although they are less dependent on rice nowadays, rice is important for their food security and is of cultural significance to the community. With heat stress and rainfall expected to increase during the growing season as a result of climate change, rice yields are likely to decline in the future. The Kok Klang community is thus seeking ways to increase the resilience of their farming system and to improve the quality and yields of their rice plantations. …  

20 May 2015 | Article