Deer are a common sight in the Sundarbans, the world's largest continuous mangrove forest.
A workshop was held in Dhaka to celebrate the 30 years of Bangladesh Bird Census.

IUCN carousal the 30 years celebration of Bangladesh Bird Census

IUCN celebrated 30 years of Bangladesh Bird Census which was mainly started by a few number of volunteers. 30 years back, Bangladesh Bird Club started with a handful of volunteers and today it is celebrating the 30 years celebration of the census. Bangladesh Bird Census cover more areas easily and the bird counts can be done more efficiently during the census period. …  

18 Jan 2016 | News story

Administrative and wildlife managers came together in a workshop in Chittagong to discuss elephant conservation in the wild

Administrators and wildlife managers urge to take actions to minimize human-elephant conflicts in Bangladesh

 Administrators and wildlife managers emphasized elephant conservation as a major development agenda by implementing the Bangladesh Elephant Action Plan for awareness building on elephant conservation and for managing human-elephant conflicts.  | French

14 Jan 2016 | News story

Experts sharing their opinions on Hilsa Conservation

Experts explore the opportunities to improve Hilsa management in Bangladesh

Fisheries experts have recently emphasized to strengthen existing systems and to embrace new ideas while revising the Hilsa Fisheries Management Action Plan and for the overall Hilsa conservation. …  

03 Jan 2016 | Article

Coral reefs

Commentary: Catalyzing Inter-Regional Cooperation on the Blue Economy in Asia

The oceans and seas are critical to sustaining life on Earth. Oceans produce more than half the oxygen in the atmosphere, absorb carbon and hold 97% of the earth’s water. Globally, the market value of marine and coastal resources and industries is estimated at $3 trillion annually (5% of global GDP). Oceans provide around 350 million jobs and food for over 1 billion people. But overfishing, pollution and climate change are putting unprecedented stress on marine ecosystems and affecting the services they provide. …  

24 Dec 2015 | Article

Navigation in the Sundarban, Shela River, Bagerhat, Sundarban, Bangladesh

Conservationists and experts urge for environmental management of navigation and reduction of pollution in Sundarban waters

Mangroves for the Future (MFF) gathers government, civil society and academia to review progress made after the Sundarban oil spill in 2014.  …  

21 Dec 2015 | Article

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