Climate adaptation

Rana Bhai drama staged in Dhaka

Awareness and Education on the Impacts of Climate Change and Variability for the Central Coastal Char Communities in Bangladesh

IUCN Bangladesh in partnership with Char Development and Settlement Project (CDSP) III has implemented a project entitled ‘Awareness and education on the impacts of climate change and variability for central coastal char communities in Bangladesh’. The main objective of this project is to educate the young generation of coastal communities about climate change and to create enabling environment to face the challenges of climate vulnerabilities, for appropriate adaptation and preparedness measures.

For the purpose of communicating climate change to children, a mascot called ‘Rana’ has been developed by this project. Rana Bhai is an iconic character, who has taken the appearance of a shona bang or the Bull Frog native to Bangladesh. He appears on posters, stickers, books, drama and documentary advocating climate change adaptation messages and encouraging children to discuss adaptation measures with their friends and families.

Specific objectives:
To identify issues/topics and to develop tools for education and awareness raising of school students and teachers.
To implement innovative ideas, techniques, events and programme for awareness raising of school students and teachers with the help of appropriate communication materials to be developed herein under objective 1.
To train and establish student cohorts to carry over awareness activities as a self-sustaining process.
The project covers 15 different schools and madrasa from four Upazilas of Noakhali District namely: Sadar, Subarna Char, Kabirhat and Hatia (including Boyar Char).
Primary (from Classes V-VIII) and secondary (Classes IX-XII) school and madrasa students and teachers are the main target groups for education and awareness building through this project. 
Planned activities:
Development and publication of Training of Trainers materials and guidance books for school teachers to educate students of selected schools on climate change issues
Development and publication of pictorial brochures, posters, stickers and establishment of environment clubs within schools for observance of landmark environmental events, debates and essay competitions for awareness creation and motivating the students
A documentary film on the science, impact and adaptation to climate change on coastal livelihoods, existing adaptation practices and future pathways to demonstrate the project rationale to stakeholders will be produced
Linking student folk and teacher cohorts with Climate Change Network of IUCN Bangladesh and other national and international forums and networks to continue with the project activities
Preparation and publication of a ‘Student to Student’ approach book as a toolkit for sustaining awareness activities through the youth of the project area 
Publication of a student’s book on climate change in Bangla
Publication of a teacher’s guide on climate change in Bangla
Development of a mascot called ‘Rana Bhai’ for communicating climate change and adaptation messages
Formation of a student’s drama group from Noakhali and three performances in by them in Noakhali, Boyar Char and Dhaka
Publication of two types of stickers and a poster on climate change
A documentary film on the process and project activities
A video production of the drama performance by children
Observance of landmark environmental events through two art and one essay competitions in Noakhali
Timeframe: January 2008 – September 2009 
Progress/ Status: Completed