Working together

IUCN is a unique and neutral platform for State, Government agencies, scientific institutions, civil society and private sector, and strives to unite members and other involved parties to seek nature based solutions for the world’s environmental and development challenges. In China, IUCN supports scientific research, manages field projects all over the world and brings governments, non-government organizations, United Nations agencies, companies and local communities together to develop and implement policy, laws and best practice.


Join as a member

IUCN engages its members and partners in projects and networks at the national, regional and global level, aiming to strengthen China’s capacity to protect its unique biodiversity and landscapes. Membership to IUCN is open to organizations (not individuals) particularly states, government agencies, political/ economic organizations, national and international nongovernmental organizations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC joined IUCN as the China State member in 1996. Presently, there are 20 China members including 5 in Hong Kong:

State member:

NGO / Affiliate members: 

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Join as a Commission member

 As an individual conservation scientist or professional, you can join one of our six Commissions. The commissions unite pver 11,000 volunteer experts from a range of disciplines to assess the state of the world’s natural resources and provide the Union with sound know-how and policy advice on conservation issues.

Commission on Education and Communication (CEC)
Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP)
Commission on Environmental Law (CEL)
Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM)
Species Survival Commission (SSC)
World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA)

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IUCN China Work Group

The "IUCN China Work Group" was established under CNC-DIVERSITAS in June 2010, with the goal to initiate stronger cooperation on biodiversity conservation research and activities among IUCN Secretariat, members and commission members.

The Work Group is comprised of over 40 distinguished officials, scientists and scholars in China. Most are affiliated with IUCN as members or commission members. The Work Group is chaired by Dr. Ma Keping. Deputy Chairs are representatives from existing IUCN members in mainland China and other major scientific institutions, they are: 1) Mr. Wang Fengwu of the China Association of National Parks and Scenic Sites (CNPA), 2) Dr. Wei Fuwen of the Institute of Zoology, CAS, 3) Dr. Xu Haigeng of the Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences (NIES), 4) Mr. Yang Baijing of the China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA), 5) Mr. Zhang Zhengwang of the School of Ecology, China Normal University, and 6) Mr. Wang Bing of the State Oceanographic Administration.