Road to Copenhagen: Strengthening Pakistan’s Participation at COP 15

Results (Objective, Outputs and Activities)

Pakistan is effectively represented at COP15 negotiations.

Output 1
The Pakistani delegation is well versed, informed and knowledgeable on key issues to be discussed at COP15.

1.    Develop background material for Pakistani delegates, on climate change science, status of international negotiations / politics of climate change, Pakistan’s position on different issues, position of other countries and groups, and the negotiation process;
2.    Hold three meetings / focused group discussions, to enhance knowledge of all delegates on key issues to be discussed at COP15; and
3.    Expose at least two delegates each to preparatory COP meetings.

Output 2
Institutional coordination for representation of Pakistan at COP15 and other climate change events / forums is harmonised.

1.    Assist GoP in identifying relevant stakeholders to be included in the delegation to represent Pakistan at COP15;
2.    Enhance coordination amongst existing climate change forums, such as Task Force on Climate Change and Core Group of Climate Change, Technical Advisory Panel on Climate Change (TAP-CC), to facilitate an open dialogue on critical climate change issues, especially participation in key climate change events such as COP meetings; and
3.    Organize a post Copenhagen meeting, to discuss salient features / key decisions taken at COP15 and the way ahead for Pakistan.

Output 3
GoP is assisted in the preparation of a Position Paper.

1.    Organize a national consultative meeting, to discuss Pakistan’s position on key issues to be addressed at COP15;
2.    Prepare an Issue Paper; and
3.    Prepare a draft Position Paper, based on the Issue Paper and consultations.

Output 4
Participation of Pakistani delegation is supported at COP15.

1.    Support participation of up to four Pakistani delegates in COP15.

Ministry of Environment, Government of Pakistan.

The duration of the project is seven months, i.e., from 01 September 2009 to 31 March 2010

Budget & Donor
Budget: £ 50,000
Donor: DFID - UK Department for International Development

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