Saving the Endangered Sea Turtles on Coastal Areas of Pakistan

‘Saving the Endangered Sea Turtles on Coastal Areas of Pakistan’ is supported by the USAID’s Small Grants and Ambassador’s Fund Program under its Ambassador’s Fund Program (

Under this project, IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) will work towards the conservation of sea turtles in Pakistan. Specifically, the project will promote the use of Turtle Excluder Devices (TED), which is a specialized device with a grid of bars that facilitates escape of a captured sea turtle when caught in a fisherman's net. The device is used in fishing nets to prevent by-catch of large untargeted animals such as, sea turtles.

This project will therefore focus on awareness and capacity building of communities and coastal resources managers in the use of TEDs in order to reduce mortality of sea turtles in fishing operations and create win-win opportunities for the fishermen by preventing damage to their fishing nets and create opportunities of nature based ecotourism, education and livelihood support for the local communities.

IUCN and Sea Turtle Conservation

IUCN is actively engaged in the conservation, awareness-raising and monitoring of sea turtles and other marine species such as dolphins, whales, migratory birds along Sindh and Balochistan coasts. On a number of occasions, IUCN and its member organizations have jointly carried out rescue of stranded marine animals including sea turtles. Under its Balochistan Partnerships for Sustainable Development Programme, IUCN has prepared a Strategic Plan for Conservation of Marine Turtles in Pakistan in 2010 using a wider consultative process with technical support provided by Dr. Nicolas J. Pilcher of Marine Research Foundation, Malaysia. Besides, IUCN organized demonstration sessions on of TEDs installation for location local fishers of Sindh and Balochistan provinces. The key focus areas of this Strategic Plan are:

i.    Reducing direct and indirect causes of marine turtle mortality
ii.    Protecting, conserving and rehabilitating marine turtle habitats
iii.    Research and monitoring
iv.    Public awareness, information and education
v.    Community participation in conservation
vi.    Building capacity for conservation, research and management
vii.    Integrated management for marine turtles, and
viii.    Realizing funding for marine turtle conservation

Saving the Sea Turtle Project will build on this work to facilitate the implementation of some of the actions suggested in the Strategic Plan.

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