Livelihoods and Landscape Strategy (LLS)

Background and Goals

LLS activities in Thailand are centered upon two landscapes; coastal forest ecosystems in Southern Thailand and the Doi Mae Salong Watershed in Northern Thailand. The coastal component of LLS is aligned with another regional initiative, Mangroves for the Future and also has links to the Cambodian component of LLS.

The LLS component in Thailand addresses three of the LLS Global strategies. These are:

  • Markets and incentives: Arrangements that facilitate sustainable local trade in forest products for the poor available in at least three countries where the Strategy is active which is done through:

    Supporting local communities in developing arrangements to benefit from the collection and trade in non-timber forest products.(Forest/watershed)

    Supporting collaboration among CBO's to increase the effectiveness of nature based tourism for poverty reduction and conservation purposes.(Coastal)
  • The area of land under some form of secure tenure (e.g. owned, leased, long- term management agreement) for local populations over forest-related resources increased by 25% in at least five of the rural areas where the Strategy has programmatic activities by:

    Generating spatial information about land-use and land-users that supports the case for providing secure tenure to those affected residents inside the project area (Forest/Watershed).
  • Transforming Landscapes: Forest Landscape Restoration / A 10% net area increase in forest-related, locally-negotiated multifunctional land-uses in at least 5 rural areas where the Strategy has programmatic activities by:

    Contributing to the effective implementation of FLR techniques in the Doi Mae Salong Watershed and supporting the better land use planning through the collection and synthesis of information. (Forest/Watershed)

    Supporting the strengthening of CBO's in Ranong and Phang Nga Provinces involved in coastal ecosystem management, so that they could better negotiate recognition of their management systems at the district and sub-district levels. (Coastal)

LLS in Doi Mae Salong (Northern Thailand)
LLS Coastal Component (Southern Thailand)

Geographic coverage

Two landscapes: 

  • Doi Mae Salong in Chiang Rai Province (Northern Thailand)
  • Ta Kua Pa, Kuraburi District, Phang Nga Province;
    Suk Sam Ran District, Ranong Province;
    Ka Poe District, Ranong Province
    (Southern Thailand)


 2007 - 2010


Netherlands Directorate General for International Cooperation (DGIS)

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  • DGIS - core funder of Livelihoods and Landscapes

    DGIS - core funder of Livelihoods and Landscapes

    Photo: DGIS