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April - June 2008 Issue

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Top News Story

A corner of the AWS poster session.

Asia Needs Urgent Action to Conserve its Wetlands

The 4th Asian Wetland Symposium (AWS), held. in Hanoi from 22 to 25, June 2008, identified ten urgent and immediate actions to address current threats to wetlands and challenges in wetland management.  It calls on decision-makers to give priority these issues of conservation and sustainable management in Asia. …  

04 Jul 2008 | News story

What else is new ... updates from IUCN Viet Nam

The Viet Nam delegate at the FLEGT Roundtable in China

In Beijing, Delegates Share Viet Nam’s Efforts to Facilitate Legal and Sustainable Wood Product Trade

IUCN Viet Nam continues to be a leader in raising awareness and facilitating the institution of improved forest governance through supporting the establishment of a FLEGT Action Plan.  …  

03 Jul 2008 | News story

An endangered Hawksbill was caught lately, tagged and then released back to the sea at Bai Tu Long National Park

More Species Became Endangered in Viet Nam, Says the Red Data Book

Nearly 900 species are threatened with extinction and at least 10 more have vanished from Viet Nam, according to the latest Viet Nam Red Data Book of endangered plants and animals released on June 26th in Hanoi by the Viet Nam Academy of Science and Technology and IUCN. …  

04 Jul 2008 | News story

Fishing at Ba Lat estuary in the core area of Xuan Thuy  National Park

Water for Food and Ecosystem Framework Strategy Underway for Viet Nam

Case studies within a five-part case study set that will provide inputs to the development of the Water for Food and Ecosystem (WFE) framework strategy for Viet Nam were introduced to the Viet Nam - Netherlands WFE Partnership stakeholders in a study tour held on 30-31 May. …  

04 Jul 2008 | News story

The Da Hoai River in Lam Dong Province is one of the many rivers in this upstream province that supplies water for downstream plain areas.

Payment for Environmental Services Training Conducted in Lam Dong Province

IUCN conducted two Payment for Environmental Services (PES) training workshops for commune, district, and provincial government officers and other PES stakeholders in Lam Dong Province in April and May 2008. …  

05 Jul 2008 | News story

"Climate Change and Sustainable Development in Viet Nam" Workshop 25 May 2008

Viet Nam expected to be hit worst by the impacts of climate change

  Viet Nam will be one of the countries most affected by climate change in the world, according to participants in the High Level Discussion on Climate Change, held on 25 May and facilitated by IUCN. A sea-level rise of only one meter could inundate over six percent of the total area of the country and displace over 10 million people. 

28 May 2008 | News story

Fish and Coral

IUCN Continues Biodiversity Conservation Support to Viet Nam

Viet Nam celebrated this year’s International Biodiversity Day on 22 – 23 May in collaboration with IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and other international environmental organizations. 

28 May 2008 | News story

A group activity during the training course

Promoting Sustainable Fisheries in MPAs: Planning Skills Built for Stakeholders

A training course on sustainable fisheries planning to support Marine Protected Area (MPA) stakeholders was co-sponsored by IUCN Viet Nam in mid-April 2008 in Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province, where Con Chim Mangrove Reserve and many local fishing communities are located. …   | Vietnamese

07 May 2008 | News story

Mr. Willy Vandenberghe, Head of Development and Cooperation at EC delegation in Viet Nam, made a welcome remarks at the meeting

Viet Nam Discusses International Market Demands for Verified Legal Wood Products

On April 18, a roundtable Meeting on Market Demands for Legal and Sustainable Wood Products in Ha Noi provided examples of initiatives from the private sector and civil society groups in Viet Nam of mechanisms to promote the use of verified legal timber.  | Vietnamese

14 May 2008 | News story

Staff News
In late May 2008 we said good bye to Ms. Katherine Warner, Head of IUCN Country Group 1 (CG1) including Viet Nam, Lao and Cambodia. We highly appreciate Kadi’s contributions to the CG1 as well as to IUCN Viet Nam and wish her all the best with her future endeavours.

What we are up to ... our upcoming events

Media orientation workshop and field trip on PES

  • 23 -25 July in Lam Dong Province for the Southern media
  • 6-8 August in Son La Province for the Northern media

Objective: Introduce the PES concept, the legal framework and economic conditions of PES and the piloting of PES in the VIet Nam context to the environmental media, in order to through their reports widely raise public awareness on PES as a sustainable financing mechanism for natural resources management.


Food for thought ... new releases

A Handbook for Measuring the Progress and Outcomes of Integrated Coastal and Ocean management

A Handbook for Measuring the Progress and Outcomes of Integrated Coastal and Ocean management (2006) Vietnamese translation

 Sỗ tay đánh giá tiến độ và kết quả của công tác quản lý tổng hợp biển và vùng bờ biển …  

06 Jul 2008 | Downloads - publication

Working with IUCN: Unique Perspective

Volunteers from TGC prepare to welcome AWS 2008 international participants at Noi Bai airport in Hanoi

Me, Talking Green Club and IUCN

I have got to know IUCN for nearly 2 years now, through IUCN’s support to the Talking Green Club (TGC) of which I am a member. My first time at IUCN was when TGC helped arrange publications in the IUCN library.

04 Jul 2008 | News story