Working with members, commissions, and partners
To capitalize on its strong membership and the fact that Vietnam’s environmental problems require cooperation, IUCN increasingly designs projects in collaboration with other organizations. IUCN Vietnam is implementing several projects with a range of partners, including government, local and international NGOs, universities and institutes, donor agencies, and private sector partners looking to improve their environmental performance.

In addition to the list of international members such as FFI and BLI, IUCN Vietnam currently has four local members that include one government member (MONRE) and three NGOs or research centers (CRES, ECO-ECO and MCD). For several years, IUCN has committed itself to expanding its local membership and aspires to set up an active National Committee from these members.

Why become an IUCN member?
IUCN is the world first and largest global environmental network. IUCN holds a unique position as an environmental organization with UN observer status and a level of scientific credibility, knowledge and convening power that adds significant weight to your organization’s agenda. By joining IUCN, you advance your own cause and add to our collective strength in overcoming barriers to a sustainable future.

IUCN helps your organization achieve your goals by giving you:
• A more powerful voice
• Global networking and partnership opportunities
• Enhanced knowledge and capacity building
• Access to global expertise

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How to become a member?
IUCN membership is open to states, government agencies, conservation and development NGO’s, and others with an interest in environmental policy and sustainable management practices. Organizations submitting applications should support IUCN’s broad objectives, demonstrate commitment to sound environmental practice, and be prepared to contribute to the IUCN community.

IUCN Vietnam may be able to assist applicants fulfil the membership requirements (e.g., with financial audit). If you would like to know more about IUCN membership, please visit To make an application or to apply for technical assistance please contact

Nguyen Thuy Anh
Communications and Outreach Officer
IUCN Vietnam Country Office
44/4 Van Bao