The Business and Biodiversity Programme (BBP) of IUCN Asia seeks to encourage Asian businesses to make a shift in business thinking on conservation and sustainable development issues. This effort has been pioneered by several leading companies which recognize sustainability as a core requirement for success.

In this effort, the BBP is looking to network those companies that wish to promote best practice when dealing with species conservation issues in the Asia region, through a possible membership process.  Some actions we recommend support for are:

1. Expand tools for IUCN species assessment.

2. Conservation of amphibians in managed landscapes (ie. in home gardens, sacred and temple forests, paddy fields, irrigation systems and other managed wetlands).

3. Farmer awareness programs to reduce haphazard use of biocides, and to educate them on the value of amphibians in their agricultural fields.

4. Research and capacity development: A vast number of new amphibian species have been discovered in the Asia region, especially over the past decade, due to increased field research. There are many other regions in Asia, which are yet to be explored (ie., Myanmar, Indonesian archipelago etc.). We need to train more taxonomists and para-taxonomists to study amphibians in Asia.

5. Policy level actions: Use trade regulations (ie., through CITES) to conserve amphibians that are threatened by over-exploitation for trade.

For more details on how to become part of this network contact:

Shiranee Yasaratne
Head, Asia Business and Biodiversity Programme

Devaka K Weerakoon Ph.D.
Regional Species & Biodiversity Programme


Organizations that are part of this network will receive species related communication packages from IUCN for use in promotional material.

Their best practice case studies will be shared across the region, and networked amongst the members.