BCR in the News



1. Viet Nam Television
(VTV2) - (Vietnamese)
Saturday 26 Oct 2013: News on the 2nd Coastal Forum broadcasted on VTV2

A 30-minute - documentary film about Coastal Forum and BCR will be aired on VTV2 on 3 days:
- 5 November 2013 (21.00 p.m)
- 6 November 2013 (13.30 p.m)
- 7 November 2013 (09.30 a.m)

2. Viet Nam Cable Television (VTC)
- (Vietnamese)
15 Oct 2013 – News aired on the 2nd Coastal Forum

3. Vietnam Plus (Truyen hinh TTXVN)

Responding to climate change in the coastal provinces of Southeast Asi (Vietnamese)

Responding to climate change in the coastal provinces of Southeast Asi
a (French)

4. Hanoi Radio and Television
– (Vietnamese)
The 2nd Regional Coastal Forum: episode 1, episode 2

Natural solutions in climate change adapation in Soc Trang Province

5. CNC

Cambodia, Thailand and Viet Nam share knowledge and experience on climate change impact to Coastal Community in Southeast Asia
16 Oct 2013

Building resilience and adoption to climate change impact in Southest Asia
21 Oct 2013

EU support BCR project to combat Climate Change

22 Oct 2013


6. Voice of Viet Nam online

El-Nino and La-Nina have caused negative impacts on Viet Nam (Vietnamese)

Information about the 2nd Regional Coastal Forum in Soc Trang Province
 (Vietnamese) (about objectives, lessons learnt, best practices, challenges,..) (at the 22nd minute) 


7. Vietnam News

Climate change solutions lie in nature (English)

Cu Lao Dung story: Island farmers dig deep to bury climate change

8. Dan Tri online

Mekong Delta will lost 90% of it area if the sea level rises by 1 mete (Vietnamese)

9. Can Tho newspaper

Launching the 2nd Regional Coastal Forum in Soc Trang Province, Viet Nam (Vietnamese)

10. Committee on communications and education in Soc Trang Province

The 2nd Regional Coastal Forum: nature-base-solutions is a key to climate change adaptation (Vietnamese)

11. Agriculture Newspaper
Forum on climate change (Vietnamese)

12. Nha nong online news

Forum on climate change (Vietnamese)

13. Xa Luan online

More projects on reponding to climate change (Vietnamese)

14. Kien Giang PPC website

The 2nd Regional Coastal Forum in Soc Trang Province (Vietnamese)

15. An Giang newspaper online

Opening the 2nd Regional Coastal Forum in Soc Trang: share knowledge and experience on nature-based-solutions (Vietnamese)

16. Thoi bao Ngan hang
News about Coastal Forum (Vietnamese)

Story in Cu Lao Dung and Tran De

17. Thanh Nien

T-fense story – Soc Trang (Vietnamese)

18. Tamnhin.net

T-fense story – Bac Lieu (Vietnamese)

19. Khmer Daily
Field trip of key stakeholders of three countries to understand climate change adoption on the coast (Khmer)
20 Oct 2013

Second Coastal Forum in Vietnam: exchanges on nature-based-solutions on the coastal in three countries (Chinese)
17 Oct 2013
Cambodia, Thailand and Viet Nan discuss impact of climate change on Coastal area (Khmer)
15 Oct 2013 

EU urges Cambodia, Thailand and Viet Nam to tackle the climate Change  (Khmer)
16 Oct 2013

Cambodia to discuss climate change in Viet Nam in mid October (Khmer)
11 Oct 2013

20. Phnom Penh Post 
Three countries discuss Climate Change (English)
16 Oct 2013


Dolphin survey in Keam Karsop Wildlife Sanctuary (in Khmer)
Phnom Penh Post, 18 November 2013

IUCN and Marriott join for environmental project
Phuketindex.com, 27 September 2013

Cambodia prepared to be 10th member of MFF (in Khmer)
CNC, 13 August 2013

Cambodia prepared to become 10th member of Mangroves for the Future Initiative (in Khmer)
Rasmei Kapuchea, 15 August 2013

Cambodia Ready to Become Full Member of MFF
AKP, on 15 August 2013

Seagrass in Cambodia and its importances (in Khmer)
Hang Meas HD TV, 11 July 2013

Climate change impacts on eastern provinces of Thailand
(in Thai)
Thai PBS, 13 July 2013 (11 min)

Biodiversity in coastal area will be threatened without clear zoning (in Khmer)
Cambodia Express News, 25 June 2013

Workshop on Climate Change Impacts to Coastal Communities in Cambodia and Thailand
(in Khmer)
CNC TV (4.38 min)

Climate change on Koh Kapik community in Cambodia (in Thai)
Thai PBS (3.29 min)

Climate Change Impacts on Koh Kapik Community
(in Khmer)
CNC TV (6.08 min)

Seagrass in Kapot Province, Cambodia
(in Khmer)
CNC TV (3.45 min)

Seagrass in Cambodia
(in Khmer)
CNC online

Workshop on Climate change impacts to Coastal Community in Thailand and Cambodia
(in Khmer)
My Village 

Coastal erosion in Thailand (in Thai)
Thai PBS, 25 May 2013 (24.28 min)

Mai Root Community: living with a changing climate
(in Thai)
Thai PBS, 19 May 2013 (25 min)

Bang Chan: landless community
(in Thai)
Thai PBS, 12 May 2013 (25 min)

Eastern coastal Thailand and food security (in Thai)
Thai PBS, 6 May 2013 (3.45 min)

Thai PBS and IUCN joins hand to raise public awareness on nature and environment conservation (Thai, English)
Thai PBS, 7 March 2013


Cambodia's mangroves under threat (English, Khmer)
The Phnom Penh Post, 5 December 2012

Management Planning for Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary in Koh Kong (in Khmer)
Rasmie Kapuchea Daily Newspaper, 24 November 2012

Consultative workshop on management planning for Peam Krasob Wildlife Sanctuary, Cambodia (in Khmer)
APSARA NET TV, 23 November 2012

Scientists fear Myanmar's disappearing mangroves
Myanmar Times, 9 November 2012

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