Members in China

South China Karst

Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Mission: To conserve flora, fauna and natural habitats, including marine habitats, to manage country parks, special areas, marine parks and marine reserves; and to control the international trade in endangered species of animals and plants in Hong Kong. The department also provides services to secure efficient production and marketing of agricultural and fisheries produce, enforce regulations on plants, pesticides and animals controls.
Expertise: Biodiversity, In situ conservation, Policy, MEA and International Conventions, Management and Planning, Environmental impact assessment, Parks and protected areas, Information and Knowledge, Biodiversity monitoring, Environmental education
Contact Person: Mr Simon Kin-fung Chan, Senior Conservative Officer (Biodiversity)
Address: 7th Floor, Cheung Sha Wan Govt Offices
303 Cheung Sha Wan Road
Hong Kong SAR
Tel: +852 2150 6606
Fax: +852 2152 0070

All-China Environment Federation ACEF
ACEF is intended to serve as a bridge between the government and the public in implementing the sustainable development strategy, achieving national objectives on environment and development, and protecting the environmental rights of the public. By fully utilizing its organizational advantage, ACEF aims to promote environmental protection and sustainable development.
Contact Person: Ms Lei Li, Head, Head
Address: 6 Floor, Huabiao Building
East QingNian Gou Street, Hepingli
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100013
Tel: +86 (010) 5123-0007
Fax: +86 (010) 5123-0006


Beijing Forestry Society (BFS)
BFS is a non-profit society registered in Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau, China. It works to promote forestry science and technological development, international communication and cooperation and governmental policy-making. The society runs events and executes projects in the fields of watershed management and water conservation, forestry carbon sequestration, biodiversity conservation, sustainable forest management, forest landscape restoration, forest certification and community livelihood improvement. 
Contact Person: Dr Xiaoping Wang, Secretary General
Address: Room 726, Shuangquan Building, Bei Sanhuan Zhonglu,
Jia 3 Hao, Xicheng District
Beijing 100029
Tel: +86 (010) 6238-1455
Fax: +86 (010) 6238-1455


Centre for Biodiversity and Indigenous Knowledge CBIK
Mission: To conserve nature and culture and to promote socially equitable and environmentally sound development in mountainous ethnic minority areas of southwest China.
Expertise: Management and Planning, Biodiversity, Indigenous Peoples, Scientific Research
Contact Person: Ms Jie Qian, Executive Director
Address: Zhonghuandasha, Yanjiadi
Yunnan 650034
Tel: +86 (871) 412-3284
Fax: +86 (871) 412-4871

China Association for NGO Cooperation CANGO
Mission: To create a strong, empowered network of Chinese NGOs to address poverty alleviation, environmental protection and social development, particularly in China`s poor, remote and minority-inhabited areas.
Contact Person: Mr Hoaming Huang, Executive Director
Address: C-601, East Building, Yonghe Plaza
No. 28, Andingmen Dongdajie
Beijing 100007
Tel: +86 (10) 6409-7888
Fax: +86 (10) 6409-7607

China Association of National Parks and Scenic Sites (CNPA)
To implement the policies and guidelines made by the government; to safeguard the legal rights of CNPA members; to act as a bridge between scenic spots and government administrative departments; to promote the planning, management, construction, preservation of nature and cultural heritage resources of scenic areas and historic sites.
Expertise: Management and Planning, Advocacy and Policy, Parks and Protected Areas, Tourism and Recreation
Contact Person: Mr Liu Huang, Programme Coordinator Editor
Address: Room 8002, Building C
13 Sanlihe Street
Beijing 100037
Tel: +86 (10) 8808-3631
Fax: +86 (10) 5893-4388


China Wildlife Conservation Association CWCA
Mission: Carries out the conservation and managerial principles of intensifying resource protection, taming and raising wildlife, and rational management and utilisation. Aims to unite and organize all those concerned with wildlife education and administration.
Expertise: Environmental Education. Fundraising. Scientific Research
Contact Person: Mr Feng Yin, Deputy Chief, State Forestry Administration
Address: State Forestry Administration
No 18, Hepingli Dongie
Beijing 100714
Tel: +86 (10) 8423-9016
Fax: +86 (10) 6423-8030


Chinese Society of Forestry (CSF)
CSF works with foresters to promote forestry development and professional exchanges, to popularize forestry science and technology, promote an increase in forestry personnel and to improve public awareness of the environment. CSF counts over 87,000 members and is the biggest forestry NGO in China. It promotes a number of academic exchanges and publishes journals including the Scientia Silvae Sinicae.
Contact Person: Mrs. Caiyun Feng, Project Manager
Address: The Summer Palace
Beijing 100091
Tel: +86 10 62889817
Fax: +86 10 62889817


Civic Exchange
Contact Person: Anna Beech, Project Manager
Address: Room 701, Hoseinee House, 69 Wyndham
Hong Kong


Friends of Nature (FON)
FON promotes environmental awareness and works to create a platform for public participation in environmental decision-making. FON focuses on protecting endangered species, such as the Tibetan antelope and the snub-nosed monkey. It leads environmental education programmes with field trips and teacher training, as well as awareness-raising campaigns via numerous publications and public exhibitions. FON commits to help its members proactively undertake their responsibilities and actions as green citizens and consumers, and is involved in fostering a growing network of grassroots environmental NGOs throughout China.
Contact Person: Mr. Bo Li, Executive Director
Address: Room 368, No. 53 Ganyu Hutong
Beijing 100006
Tel: +86 10 65232040
Fax: +86 10 65286069

Friends of the Country Parks
Contact Person: Fook Yess Wong, Director
Address: C/O Department of Geography, University of Hong Kong,
(Prof. CY JIM), Pofulam Road,
Hong Kong

Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens HKZBG
Mission: HKZBG was created in 1864. The policy of the gardens is to create an awareness among the people of Hong Kong of the beauty, interest and value of wildlife, and to cooperate with other zoos and institutions in captive breeding programmes for rare and endangered species.
Contact Person: On Kei (Susan) Tam, Leisure Manager (Zoological and Botanical)
Address: Leisure & Cultural Services Department
11/F, LCSD HQs
1-3 Pai Tau Street
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2601-8916
Fax: +852 2691-7264

Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences 
A multidisciplinary research organization established in 1949. It is composed of nine departments and a botanical garden. The Institute is partly concerned with the conservation of rare and endangered plant species and the study of plant genetic resources.
Contact Person: Prof. Keping Ma (IUCN Councillor), Director General Institute of Botany
Address: 20 Nan Xin Cun
Xiang Shan
Beijing 100093
Tel: +86 (10) 6259-0834
Fax: +86 (10) 6259-0833

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Policy, Climate Change, Advocacy and Policy, Communications, Environmental Law, Fundraising
Contact Person: Ms Wang Dan, Focal Point for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Address: No. 2 Chao Yang Men Nan Da Jie
Beijing 100701
Tel: +86 (10) 6596-3124
Fax: +86 (10) 6596-3120

Mt. Huangshan Scenic Area Administrative Committee (HSAC) / Huangshan Feng Jing Qu Guan Li Wei Yuan Hui
Contact Person:
Jiwei Xu, Director
Address: Mt. Huangshan Area Administrative Committee building
245800 Ahhui

Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences, SEPA NIES
Oriented to study various environmental issues as well as to provide country-wide technical services.
Expertise: Policy, Climate Change, Biodiversity, Data and Information Management, Parks and Protected Areas, Sustainable Development
Contact Person: Mr Wang Changyong
Address: 8, Jiang-wang-miao
P.O. Box 4202
Jiangsu 210042
Tel: +86 25 5412926
Fax: +86 25 5411611


Shan Shui Conservation Center (Shan Shui)
Shan Shui aims to conserve the country’s natural heritage by working with local communities to ensure that nature conservation brings them tangible benefits. It runs a range of projects on endangered species protection, protected areas management, environmental leadership enhancement and climate change mitigation. Shan Shui also provides ecological forums to discuss eco-equitable issues, bringing together representatives from government, communities, scientists, entrepreneurs, institutions and the public. Shan Shui means “mountains and rivers” in Chinese.
Contact Person: Shan Sun, Senior Programme Officer
Address: Conservation Biology Building
College of Life Sciences
Peking University
Beijing 100871
Tel: +86 10 62761034
Fax: +86 10 62761035


Shangri-La Institute for Sustainable Communities (SISC)
SISC started as an umbrella organization of the WWF Education Programme, supporting community-initiated conservation, learning, and cultural projects. Now registered as an independent Chinese non-governmental organization, it focuses on sustainable development through practice-based education with schools and local communities. It is currently running education projects on water, sustainable development, and climate change.
Contact Person: Ms Yunhua Liu, Director 
Address: Diqing Vocational School for Ethic Minorities
Diqing Prefecture
Shangri-la County
Yunnan Province 674400
Tel: +86 0887 8289 190
Fax: +86 0887 8289 201

World Wide Fund for Nature - Hong Kong WWF
Mission: WWF-Hong Kong works to ensure a better environment for present and future generations in Hong Kong. Its implements a wide range of focused conservation and environmental education programmes.
Expertise: Advocacy and Policy. Biodiversity. Environmental Education 
Contact Person: Nicole Wong, Director, Education
Address: No 1. Tramway Path Central
GPO Box 12721
Hong Kong SAR
Tel: +852 2526-1011
Fax: +852 2845-2734


Xiamen Green Cross Association
Contact Person: Ms Tianlan MA, Director General 
Address: 68-72 Hexiang West Road
(PO Box 8E, Kuanghuan Plaza)
Xiamen 361004
Tel: +86(592)223-3610