The six IUCN Commissions unite 11,000+ experts volunteers from a range of disciplines. They assess the state of the world’s natural resources and provide the Union with sound know-how and policy advice on conservation issues. Experts cooperate with the IUCN Secretariat and Members at different levels: collaborating on project proposals and implementation, attending meetings on behalf of or with the IUCN Secretariat, providing expert advice and knowledge on relevant issues.

All Commissions are represented in Europe and they benefit from the leadership of Regional Vice-Chairs:

Species Survival Commission (SSC)
Simon Stuart,

World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA)
Andrej Sovinc,

Commission on Environmental Law (CEL)
Ben Boer,

Commission on Education and Communication (CEC)
Katalin Czippan,

Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP)
Martha Chouchena-Rojas,

Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM)
Piet Wit,