Completed projects

Iron Gate, RO-SRB

High Nature Value (HNV) Agri-environment Project for Serbia

High Nature Value (HNV) farming concept is highly relevant to biodiversity conservation, both inside and outside of protected areas. This project focuses on Serbia and aims to raise awareness amongst policy-makers and stakeholders of the importance of maintaining HNV farming systems, including the grazing of semi-natural vegetation with locally-adapted livestock breeds. …  

29 Sep 2010 | Project completed

GB South Eastern Europe

Walk on the Wild side

Conflict prevention and building of international understanding are of special importance in South Eastern Europe. The need for protection of shared natural values and the unique cross-border biodiversity offer a floor for cooperation of local communities and the border police. …  

18 Jun 2010 | Project completed


Agri-environment measures for conservation in the wider Europe

EU accession process in Central Europe was the main engine for changes in agriculture. There is a need to support farmers and their communities to apply farming practices which are beneficial for landscapes and biodiversity. …  

17 Jun 2010 | Project completed

InWEnt training, in Tbilisi, Georgia

Biodiversity Policy Training Series

InWEnt - Capacity Building International initiated a training programme on environmental policy and law in the South Caucasus countries. The Regional Environmental Policy in the South Caucasus 2008-11 programme is managed by the InWEnt division Environment, Energy and Water in Berlin. Adelphi Research and the IUCN Environmental Law Centre have been tasked to implement the thematic theme “Biodiversity Policy and Management”, in collaboration with the IUCN Programme Office for the Southern Caucasus in Tbilisi. …  

12 Feb 2010 | Project completed
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Ktsia-Tabatskuri Managed Reserve

Implementation of the Ktsia-Tabatskuri Management Plan

The implementation of the Management Plan developed for the Ktsia-Tabatskuri Managed Reserve (KTMR, IUCN Category 4) is an important step toward the sustainable use of natural resources within the Reserve and its development for nature tourism. …  

12 Feb 2010 | Project completed
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Tusheti Protected Area

On the Final Straight to 2010 – Promoting Countdown 2010 in the Southern Caucasus and beyond

Building on the results of the Countdown 2010 action programme ‘Halting the loss of biodiversity in the Southern Caucasus’, the IUCN Programme Office for the Southern Caucasus implemented further actions, summarized in the programme On the final straight to 2010. The actions were derived from the Message of Gudauri and aimed at intensified and concrete efforts to reach the 2010 Biodiversity Target in the Southern Caucasus and steer the post-2010 process. …  

12 Jan 2010 | Project completed
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Stakeholder training in Lagodekhi

Facilitating Stakeholder Participation in Protected Areas of Georgia

Protected areas (PAs) do not only play an essential role in conserving Georgia’s unique biological diversity, but also contribute to rural livelihoods. Therefore, their effective management is one of the major priorities for the Georgian society. …  

18 Dec 2009 | Project completed
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Countdown 2010

Governments worldwide have promised to save biodiversity by 2010. While it is their responsibility to achieve this, they need the help of all stakeholders in this challenge. Countdown 2010 has united a network of almost 1,000 partners from all walks of life – including national, regional and local governments, businesses and civil society – working together towards the 2010 biodiversity target. …  

06 Oct 2009 | Project completed

Vashlovani Protected Area, Georgia

Assessment of Protected Area Management Effectiveness in the Southern Caucasus

The Programme of Work on Protected Areas (PoWPA) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is a worldwide effort to reduce biodiversity loss at the global level. Its overall purpose is to support the establishment and maintenance of comprehensive representative and well-managed systems of Protected Areas, by 2010 for terrestrial and by 2012 for marine areas. To help implement the PoWPA, WWF is developing the 2012 Protected Areas Project (2012 PAP) which aims to contribute to the implementation of PoWPA in five Eco-regions of outstanding biodiversity value, including the Caucasus. As part of this project, IUCN POSC carried out a Management Effectiveness Assessment of Protected Areas (PA) in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. …  

12 Jan 2009 | Project completed
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Sava River in Croatia

Protection of Biodiversity of the Sava River Basin Floodplains

The Sava has the largest discharge of water to the Danube of any tributary and is the second largest by catchment area. It is shared by Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. The joint management arrangements will be a pilot example for the implementation of the European Union's Water Framework Directive. …  

25 Feb 2008 | Project completed
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