Slovakia is a geographically small country, but very rich in biodiversity. With its accession to the European Union, a decade of excitement welcomed the post 2000 period where Slovakia’s leaders have started seening the environment as an asset for the development of the country.

In Slovakia there are nine National Parks and 14 Landscape Protected Areas. Three National Parks and one Landscape Protected Area were included in the UNESCO Programme Man and the Biosphere and designated as Biosphere Reserves.

Mountain areas in Slovakia comprise about three fifths of the territory. Changes in mountain areas have accelerated in recent years. Socio-economic factors, political transformation, and societal modernisation have changed the mountain landscapes with the reduction of agricultural activities.

IUCN Members in Slovakia are Slovak Ecological Society (Nitra), State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic (Banska Bystrica), Association of National Parks and Protected Areas of Slovakia (Tatranska Lomnica).

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