Party State / Other State

25 October 2012 | Article



"Party State": an expression used in reference to an international agreement, to designate the States which have entered into a commitment to observe its provisions (cf. The State's Commitment Process). The term "party" can also be used to designate a regional economic integration organization which has agreed to be bound by such an agreement. The European Union is a party to the UNCLOS, the Barcelona Convention, the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) etc.

This expression is used in opposition to "Other States", designating States which have not entered into this commitment and upon which the obligations contained in the agreement cannot, therefore, be imposed (cf. Opposability).

In the Mediterranean, "other States" (not party to the Barcelona Convention, in particular) are readily brought into question regarding, for example, problems relating to pollution or halieutic and IUU fishing stocks*. In fact, one is obliged to observe that the responsibilities fall, primarily and quite clearly, on the coastal States.

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