Compliance Committee under the Barcelona Convention

25 October 2012 | Article



The Compliance Committee of the Barcelona Convention and its protocols came into being on the occasion of the 15th Meeting of the contracting Parties, held in Almeria, Spain, in 2008. Following adoption of Decision IG.17/2, entitled "Compliance Procedures and Mechanisms under the Barcelona Convention and its Protocols", this entity was created under the following terms: "(the conference) approves the creation of the Compliance Procedures and Mechanisms Committee and also agrees to the composition of the Compliance Committee as follows:

— two members and two alternates designated by the following seven countries in the southern and eastern Mediterranean: Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia;

— two members and two alternates designated by the seven Member States of the European Union which are Parties to the Barcelona Convention: Cyprus, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Slovenia, plus the EU;

— two members and two alternates designated by the other Parties : Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Israel, Monaco, Turkey and Montenegro;

— An additional member and an additional alternate designated by each group on a rotational basis every four years. The additional member and additional alternate are designated for the first Compliance Committee by the group of countries in the southern and eastern Mediterranean."

The Committee is composed of seven members elected by the Meeting of Contracting Parties from a list of candidates designated by said Parties. For each member of the Committee, the Meeting of Contracting Parties also elects an alternate member from the same list.

Committee members are nationals of the Parties to the Barcelona Convention and designated candidates are persons of recognized skills related to issues addressed by the Barcelona Convention and its Protocols, and in scientific, technical, socio-economic, legal or other fields.

Committee members and their alternates fulfill their functions individually and act in all objectivity to serve the interests of the Barcelona Convention with regard to protection of the marine environment and the coastal areas of the Mediterranean, and its Protocols.

The Committee considers cases submitted by:

a) a Party, regarding its effective or potential situation of non-compliance with obligations, despite all its efforts; and

b) a Party, regarding a situation of non-compliance on the part of another Party, following consultation with the Party concerned via the Secretariat, and if the matter has not been settled within three months at latest, or within a longer period of time if circumstances so demand in particular cases, but in any event within six months at latest.

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