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Paraje de Cabo de Gata


Protection of key ecosystem services by adaptive management of Climate Change endangered Mediterranean socioecosystems …   | Spanish

08 Feb 2016 | Project description

Posidonia Oceanica meadows

Life Blue Natura

This project represents an ambitious and innovative initiative to quantify  blue carbon and protect coastal habitats in Andalusia. …  

23 Nov 2015 | Project description

Buntrinti, IPA

Conserving wild plants and habitats for people across the Mediterranean

This project represents an ambitious initiative to develop plant conservation actions in the South and East of the Mediterranean region (including north Africa, middle east and Balkans) combining the experience and expertise of Plantlife International and IUCN. …   | French

30 Sep 2014 | Project description

Mediterranean forest landscape in Morocco.

Promoting the value of key biodiversity areas through the involvement of civil society organizations in their conservation and management in North Africa

The project “Promoting the value of key biodiversity areas through the involvement of civil society organizations in their conservation and management in North Africa” is a subregional project aimed at improving the management and governance of protected areas and key biodiversity areas in the hotspot of the Mediterranean region. The project is funded by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) in the framework of its strategic direction "Improving the conservation and the protection status of 44 Key Biodiversity Areas”. This project involves four countries, namely: Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia. …   | French

05 Feb 2014 | Project description

Ecotourisme Jbel Kelti, Parc National de Talassemtane

PPI-OSCAN: Small scale initiatives for Civil Society Organisations in North Africa

The Small Initiatives for Civil Society Organisations in North Africa (PPI-OSCAN, its acronym in French) is inspired by the Small Initiatives Programme funded by the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM, its acronym in French) in sub-Saharan Africa since 2005 with which it has a strong similarity in approach, technical content and institutional and operational procedures. The relevant authorities of these countries have given the approval to the PPI-OSCAN guidelines and have underlined that the objectives and actions to be implemented by the programme are in line with their national priorities.  | French

27 Jan 2014 | Project description


The Mediterranean Experience of Ecotourism – MEET

The Mediterranean Experience of Ecotourism (MEET) project aims to improve the sustainability and the rationalization in distribution of the tourism sector in the Mediterranean region. In the framework of cross-border cooperation within the European Neighborhood Policy Instrument (ENPI Med), under the strategic line “Promoting the sustainable tourism for the socio-economic development and enhancement of territories”, this strategic project involves 10 countries of the Mediterranean: Italy, France, Spain, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Malta, Cyprus, Greece and Tunisia. …   | French | Spanish

22 May 2013 | Project description



Sustainable development of transboundary areas belonging to Natura2000 and Habitats of Common Interest between Andalucia and Morocco …   | French | Spanish

23 Apr 2012 | Project description

Posidonia Project logo

Conservation of Posidonia Oceanica meadows in Andalusia coast

 Proyecto LIFE + NATURALEZA (LIFE 09/NAT/ES/00534) …   | French | Spanish

18 Feb 2012 | Project description

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Mediterranean Biodiversity Assessment - Phase II

Responding to gaps in knowledge in the Mediterranean region …   | French | Spanish

02 Feb 2012 | Project description

EU Medina project logo


Marine Ecosystem Dynamics and Indicators for North Africa …   | French

28 Oct 2011 | Project description