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Call for Proposals

A Call for Proposals is now open.

IUCN Oceania and CEPF are accepting proposals from 1st July until 26th August 2014. Letters of Inquiry (LoIs) are invited from civil society groups in the islands region of Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. LoIs are encouraged from community groups, non-government organizations, academic institutions, private companies and other civil society organizations who are working in the East Melanesian Islands Hotspot. CEPF and IUCN are currently seeking proposals for projects aimed at establishing a foundation of capacity, partnerships and knowledge on which future calls for proposals will build. The deadline for receipt of proposals is 17:30 Washington, DC time on Tuesday 26th August 2014.

Strategic Directions and Investment Priorities currently open under this call are:

Strategic Direction 1. Empower local communities to protect and manage globally significant biodiversity at priority Key Biodiversity Areas under-served by current conservation efforts

1.3 Support local communities to design and implement locally relevant conservation actions that respond to major threats at priority sites.

Strategic Direction 2. Integrate biodiversity conservation into local land-use and development planning

2.1 Conduct participatory ownership and tenure mapping of resources within customary lands at priority sites.

Strategic Direction 3. Safeguard priority globally threatened species by addressing major threats and information gaps

3.1 Conduct research on the following five globally threatened species for which there is a need for greatly improved information on their status and distribution: Makira Moorhen; Beck’s Petrel; Guadalcanal Rat; Emperor Rat; and King Rat.

Strategic Direction 4. Increase local, national and regional capacity to conserve biodiversity through catalyzing civil society partnerships

4.1 Strengthen the capacity of local and national civil society organizations in financial management, project management and organizational governance.

4.2 Provide core support for the development of civil society organizations into national and regional conservation leaders.

4.3 Strengthen civil society capacity in conservation management, science and leadership through short-term training courses at domestic academic institutions.

Download the Call for Proposals:


Applicants must submit a Letter of Inquiry (LoI) in English or French.
LoIs for small grants must be submitted electronically to IUCN Oceania at by the deadline.
LoIs for large grants must be submitted electronically to CEPF at by the deadline.

For proposals requesting $20,000 or less, the Letter of Inquiry constitutes the full proposal. If a Letter of Inquiry requesting more than $20,000 is recommended for award, the applicant will be notified and invited to submit a full project proposal.

CEPF and IUCN Oceania will not accept hard copy LoIs.

You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application.

All applicants are encouraged to discuss proposal ideas with the EMI RIT at cepfeastmelanesia@iucn.orgPlease ensure that you seek guidance from the EMI RIT well in advance of the deadline, by contacting us before 19th August 2014 with any queries regarding your application.

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