Guidance to Indentify the Main Climate Risks and Resilience: SEARCH Toolkit

18 May 2014 | Article

 On the occasion of the Ministerial meeting of the Union for the Mediterranean, on Environment and Climate Change, which was held on the13th of May 2014 in Athens, Greece, some projects took the opportunity to discuss and present what they do and what they have achieved.

IUCN team member presented the participatory methodologies and approaches tested by SEARCH project partners to integrate climate change risks into local and national plans, policies and strategies in the region through SEARCH toolkit, “A Guiding Toolkit for Increasing Climate Change Resilience”.

The aim of the toolkit is to provide guidance and recommendations on how to develop climate change resilient strategies and plans at national, sub-national and local levels.

More importantly, the toolkit describes the main challenges that faced the development and adaptation of such plans and recommends practical means to address them.

For more information about the toolkit, kindly contact:
Mufleh Abbadi, Water and Climate Change programme Manager at: