Engineers undergoing GIS training

Water Conservation in Balqa, Jordan

This year, and following up on Water DROP activities in Balqa, Jordan, a number of beneficiaries in the Balqa Governorate have been granted water harvesting wells aiming at reducing their water crisis in the area. …  

05 Mar 2015 | Article

Pastoralism and the Green Economy – a natural nexus? Status, challenges and policy implications

IUCN Will Launch the “Pastoralism and the Green Economy” during the 3rd UNCCD Scientific Conference

The global Drylands Initiative in Collaboration with UNEP will be launching a publication they produced together at the 3rd UNCCD scientific conference in Mexico in 9th March 2015. …  

08 Feb 2015 | Article

Dr. Radi Tarawneh - MoA Secretary General

Embedding Biodiversity Considerations into Policies, Strategies and Practices

 A concerted effort is required to mainstream dryland biodiversity and coordinate actions between all government sectors, and this poses particular challenges of scale in the drylands. Government institutions need to be tailored towards supporting and augmenting the skills of land managers and government staff often require new skills to conduct more participatory planning. …  

05 Feb 2015 | Article


Members in the News: APN's Million Tree Campaign at AFED's 7th Annual Conference

 A team from the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN) participated in the Seventh Annual Conference of the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED) on Food Security in Arab Countries at the Le Meridien Hotel, Amman last year. The Conference was organized in collaboration with FAO, ESCWA, ICARDA, and the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development. …  

03 Feb 2015 | Article

MPA Symposium - IUCN ROWA Speech

Towards A Regional Strategy for Marine Protected Areas in the Arab World

“The Arab World Marine Protected Area (MPA) Symposium gave the experts in the Arab World the chance to exchange their experiences, highlight problems and gaps in the environmental sector in the Arab Region and suggest solutions for them. It reveals the importance of finding a structure that provides a technical and financial support to the MPAs in the Arab World” Dr. Waheed Salameh, the Head of Protected Areas Directorate in Nature Conservation Sector in Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs in Egypt said. …  

03 Feb 2015 | Article

Training on Stakeholder Engagement - Working Groups

Stakeholder Engagement Helps to Drive Long-term Sustainability

The International Union for Conservation of Nature – Regional Office for West Asia (IUCN ROWA) approach in the stakeholder engagement is to apply process which involves governmental and non-governmental institutions, who may be affected by World Heritage site declaration or can influence the implementation of the declaration. …  

03 Feb 2015 | Article

Water Integrity for MENA Region - Group Photo

Water Integrity: Facets and Perspectives

 Promoting water integrity and fighting corruption in the water sector has the potential to create dramatic and lasting improvement for human dignity, health and equitable access to water. Additionally, it helps to create a fertile ground for socio-economic development and investments in water. …  

02 Feb 2015 | Article

Peacock butterfly

IUCN welcomes 13 new Members

 The IUCN Council has admitted 13 new Members to IUCN. …   | French | Spanish

14 Jan 2015 | News story

Highlighting the Project's Objectives in Kerak

A Glimpse about the Mainstreaming Sustainable Land Management Practices Project

 Within IUCN ROWA’s portfolio to strengthen the capacity necessary for the protection of Jordan’s environment, the Mainstreaming Sustainable Land Management Practices project integrates an ecosystem-based approach into public-supported productive and poverty reduction activities. The project was implemented in thirteen Jordanian villages in the Karak, Tafileh and Ma’an governorates. …  

09 Jan 2015 | Article

Rangeland Ecosystem Services

Finalizing the Economic Valuation of Jordanian Rangelands Ecosystem Services

 Jordanian rangelands are a source of valued livestock produce, carbon storage, biodiversity and medicinal plants. They also serve as watersheds that receive rainfall, yield surface water and replenish groundwater throughout the area east and south of the western Jordan highlands. …  

08 Jan 2015 | Article