HazWaste MENA Forum

HazWaste MENA Forum: An Opportunity to Raise Awareness about Hazardous Waste Management

 Demographical and industrial growth have left the MENA region with diverse and increasing amounts of hazardous waste generated that needs to be managed in the most cost-effective, risk-free and environmental manner. The region’s national development plans focus largely on sustainability, and with environmental issues on the top of the list, most MENA countries plan to reduce generated hazardous waste, improve its management, increase recycling and reduce land filling. …  

08 Jan 2015 | Article

Jordan Map

The Sustainable Dryland Landscapes National Steering Committee in Jordan is Planning for 2015

 The National Steering Committee (NSC) of the Sustainable Dryland Landscapes in Africa & the Middle East project in Jordan, which consists of the stakeholders from different governmental institutions and NGOs, meets on a regular basis in order to discuss project activities in Jordan. …  

07 Jan 2015 | Article

Holcim Project Site - Lebanon 2012

It Is Possible, Watch It Here; The Rehabilitation of Holcim Quarry in Chekka, Lebanon

 “We are committed to be a responsible cement manufacturer with respect to environment in Lebanon. We realize the environmental impacts of our activities and make it our responsibility to manage those impacts.” Holcim representative said. …  

07 Jan 2015 | Article

IUCN logo

Building Capacities of Trainers from the MENA Region in Water Resources Management

 Aiming at building the capacities of water stakeholders at different governance levels in the Middle East and North Africa region in order to improve transparency and accountability practices in water resources management, the regional Water Integrity Capacity Building Programme for the MENA region organized a Training of Trainers workshop on December 1-5 in Tunis, Tunisia. …  

06 Jan 2015 | Article

Out to Sea? The Plastic Garbage Exhibition

Member in the News: JREDS Launches the “Out to Sea? The Plastic Garbage” Exhibition

 A global exhibition is implemented in the capital city of Amman and demonstrates the littering problem in the Gulf of Aqaba in an inspiring and rousing way. …  

06 Jan 2015 | Article

Beneficiaries from Water DROP

Four Government Officials Trained on the Integrated Approach DSS-GIS for Water Cycle Management

 Given the fact that the water management is a key priority for most of the Mediterranean countries and that most of the water problems are due to the mismanagement of water resources and to the incoherency among different policies impacting on water, the International Union for Conservation of Nature – Regional Office for West Asia (IUCN ROWA) is implementing Water-DROP Project in Jordan. …  

05 Jan 2015 | Article

One of the Activities of the Awareness Program for Local Communities

Members in the News: ARIJ Conducted an Awareness Campaign for Sustainable Utilization of Palestinian Protected Areas

  The Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem (ARIJ) conducted an awareness program for local communities including school and university students concerning the best practices while utilizing resources of a protected area. This program started with assessing the ecosystem services of three protected areas in the west Bank region; including Um At-tut, Wadi Al Quf and Al Qarin protected areas. …  

04 Jan 2015 | Article

The Shouf Biosphere Reserve’s annual evaluation meeting

Members in the News: Shouf Biosphere Reserve’s Annual Evaluation Meeting 2014

 The Shouf Biosphere Reserve’s annual evaluation meeting was held on Saturday the 20th of December at the park house in Maasser-Shouf, where the general committee conducted an annual review of the progress that was done during 2014. The reserve management team presented the year’s main accomplishments. …  

04 Jan 2015 | Article

Group Photo - Conservation and Management of Protected Areas Workshop

Building Capacities within West Asia Region on Conservation and Management of Protected Areas

 IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM) - West Asia Region organized various activities and training workshops related to the Specific Ecosystems and Biomes during 2013-2014 in order to enhance and promote education, training and research for the conservation and management of ecosystems, which is the main perspective of the objectives of CEM. …  

30 Dec 2014 | Article

Training on CITES and CBD - Group Photo

Members in the News: The Royal Botanic Garden Built Capacities on CITES and CBD

 Under the patronage of HRH Princess Basma bint Ali, the Royal Botanic Garden (RBG) in cooperation with KEW Gardens organized a training workshop on the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) on 4th – 6th November 2014. …  

09 Dec 2014 | Article