IUCN's support to the IPBES process

IUCN recognizes the need to strengthen the science-policy interface on biodiversity and ecosystem services, and therefore strongly supports ongoing discussions related to IPBES.



2009 - 2010

In 2009 - 2010, IUCN mainly worked to ensure that multi-stakeholder perspectives are voiced in the inter-governmental discussions about the establishment of IPBES. IUCN, supported by the French Government, the Swiss Government and UNEP, collaborated with its partners to ensure that IPBES considered the perspectives of the scientific community and civil society. Additionally, IUCN continued to raise awareness within these communities on IPBES potential functions, form, and opportunities to engage in the future.

IUCN used numerous opportunities to encourage stakeholder participation in the discussions, by:

  • Encouraging and supporting participation of IUCN Members at regional consultations on IPBES;
  • Raising awareness at the CBD SBSTTA , WGRI meetings and COP10 conference;
  • Involving the private sector in the IPBES process in collaboration with WBCSD ;
  • Assessing the value-add of IUCN and civil society participation in the governance of IPBES;
  • Ensuring civil society perspectives were considered at the 3rd IPBES meeting.

2011 - 2012

In 2011 - 2012, launching period of IPBES, IUCN can play a critically important role to ensure that IPBES will take in the perspectives of civil society. Furthermore, IUCN will act to raise awareness within civil society of the need of IPBES and of the benefits of cooperation with IPBES – so that all stakeholders can take full advantage of its work.

Until the end of 2012, IUCN intends to focus its support to IPBES towards the following objectives:
  1. Engage the multi-stakeholder community in the development and implementation of IPBES;
  2. Support the ongoing negotiations during the IPBES development;
  3. Encourage IUCN, Members, Commissions and partners participation in the implementation and future work of IPBES.


IUCN contribution to the 2nd Plenary Session to Build IPBES

16-21 April 2012, Panama City, Panama

Click here to read the IUCN Position Paper and a number of other documents prepared for this meeting.

Side event, proposed jointly by IUCN, GBIF and UNEP WCMC to illustrate how existing initiatives can help support IPBES - 18 April 2012.

Second IPBES Stakeholders' Dayhosted by UNEP prior to the plenary meeting and co-facilitated by IUCN and ICSU - 15 April 2012.


IUCN support and contribution to the intersessional work ahead of the Second Plenary Session to Build IPBES

October 2011 - April 2012

Click here to find out more


IUCN contribution to the 1st Plenary Session to Build IPBES

3 -7 October 2011, Nairobi, Kenya

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IUCN support to the discussions on IPBES at the CBD COP 10

18-29 October 2010, Nagoya, Japan

  • The IUCN's Information paper on the agreed Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) provides background information on the IPBES process so far and highlights some key issues regarding the impacts of the establishment of IPBES for civil society.
  • 21 October 2010: Side event on IPBES, hosted by the Ministry of Environment of Japan, DIVERSITAS, IHDP, ICSU and IUCN. This event provided an update on the IPBES decisions, the next steps in the IPBES process, and considered some of the possible implications of IPBES for the scientific and policy communities addressing biodiversity and ecosystem services – in the context of the CBD and beyond. 


IUCN at the 3rd Intergovernmental and Multi-Stakeholder Meeting on IPBES

7-11 June 2010, Busan, Republic of Korea

IUCN statement during the Opening of the 3rd IPBES Meeting can be accessed here.  

To support the 3rd Meeting on IPBES:


IUCN support to the preparation of the 3rd Intergovernmental and Multistakeholder Meeting on IPBES

To support the preparation of the 3rd Meeting on IPBES, IUCN:

  • Engaged civil society in Regional Consultations, in particular through the co-organization of the North America consultation.
  • Raised awareness on IPBES at the CBD SBSTTA meeting, 10-21 May 2010, Nairobi Kenya: A side event on IPBES was co-organized by Diversitas, ICSU, IHDP and IUCN on 14 May 2010. Find the full programme here.
  • Assessed the value of civil society in IPBES governance. Click here to access the report.


IUCN support to the 2nd Intergovernmental and Multi-stakeholder Meeting on IPBES

5-9 October 2009, Nairobi, Kenya

IUCN actively participated in the development of the gap analysis and have facilitated the submission of comments by our membership and broader civil society. IUCN, in collaboration with ICSU and DIVERSITAS, organized consultations with the scientific community and civil society on the need for, and possible functions and form of IPBES, including the role of civil society and scientific community in its governance. The results of this consultation informed the second intergovernmental and multi-stakeholder meeting on IPBES on 5-9 October  2009 in Nairobi. 

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