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This page contains a selection of various publications and articles about or relevant to IPBES from the IUCN's network and beyond.

Books and brochures

Pour une autorité science-politique sur la biodiversité: Appui à l’établissement et aux premiers pas de l'IPBES (2009-2012)

Towards a Science-Policy Authority on Biodiversity: Support for the establishment and the first steps of IPBES (2009-2012)

IUCN (2013) 


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How to bake a conceptual framework for IPBES? An informal expert group proposes views on ingredients and preparation steps

A brochure produced with the support of UNESCO, DIVERSITAS, IHDP, IUCN, Ministry of the Environment of Japan, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and UNEP (2013)


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IUCN Knowledge Products: The basis for a partnership to support the functions and work programme of IPBES

IUCN Knowledge Products: The basis for a partnership to support the functions and work programme of IPBES

IUCN (2012)



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The wealth of Nature: Ecosystem services, biodiversity, and human well-being

by J.A. McNeely, R.A. Mittermeier, T.M. Brooks, F. Boltz & N. Ash; foreword by J. Marton-Lefèvre

CEMEX, MX; IUCN; Conservation International & International League of Conservation Photographers (2009)


This book is available to consult at the IUCN Library.


Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Reports

Millenium Ecosystem Assessment (2005)


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Selected articles

Assessing Nature? The Genesis of IPBES

by Granjou C., Mauz I., Louvel S. and Tournay V., in Science, Technology & Society, Vol. 18, Nr.1 (2013)

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Preparing to Give Green Light

by Commenville, P., in Environmental Policy and Law, Vol. 43, Nr. 4–5 (October 2013)

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Improving the Science-Policy Interface of Biodiversity Research Projects

by Neßhöver, C., Timaeus, J., Wittmer, H., Krieg, A., Geamana, N., van den Hove, S., Young, J., Watt, A., in GAIA - Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society, Vol. 22, Nr. 2 (June 2013)

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IPBES: Opportunities and Challenges for SCB and Other Learned Societies

by Pe’er, G., McNeely, J.A., Dieterich, M., Jonsson, B.-G., Selva, N., Fitzgerald, J.M., Neßhöver, C., in Conservation Biology, Vol. 27, Nr. 1 (2013) 


The IUCN global assessments: partnerships, collaboration and data sharing for biodiversity science and policy

by Lacher, T.E. Jr., Boitani, L., da Fonseca, G.A.B., in Conservation Letters, Vol.5., Issue 5 (October 2012)


Conservation Stories, Conservation Science, and the Role of IPBES

by Redford, K.H., Groves, C., Medellin, R.A. and Robinson, J.G., in Conservation Biology, Vol. 26, Nr. 5 (2012)


Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Platform: Formal Establishment

by Lucas, S., in Environmental Policy and Law, Vol. 42, Nr. 3 (2012)


Listen to the voices of experience (including the rules of engagement for the IPBES)

by Turnhout, E., Bloomfield, B., Hulme, M., Vogel, J., and Wynne, B., in Nature 488, 429 (August 2012)

Access online with the related editorial on "Social Dimentions to Biodiversity' 

Getting the Message Across. Biodiversity Science and Policy Interfaces – A Review

by Spierenburg, M., in GAIA - Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society, Vol. 21, Nr. 2 (June 2012)

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Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: A Multilayered Relationship

by Mace, G.M. et al., in Trends in Ecology and Evolution, Vol.27, Nr.1 (January 2012)

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IPBES - the Birth Pangs of a New Assessment Process

by Harrison, J., in the Bulletin of the British Ecological Society (BES) (December 2011)


The Voice of Science: Let's Agree to Disagree

by Sarewitz, D., in Nature, Vol. 478 (October 2011)


How to Ensure a Credible and Efficient IPBES?

by Vohland, K., et al., article in press, Environonmental Science & Policy (2011)


Building Better Science-Policy Interfaces for International Environmental Governance: Assessing Potential Within the IPBES

by Koetz, T. et al., in International Environmental Agreements (2011)


Problems With Making and Governing Global Kinds of Knowledge

by Hulme, M. in Global Environmental Change, vol. 20, issue 4 (October 2010)


Wanted: An IPCC for Biodiversity

In Nature, Vol 465, issue 7298 (June 2010)


Confronting the Biodiversity Crisis

by Hoag, H., in Nature Reports, Vol. 4 (May 2010)


The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Moving a Step Closer to an IPCC-like Mechanism for Biodiversity

by Larigauderie, A. & Mooney, H., article in press, Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability (2010)


Biodiversity is Our Life

by Julia Marton-Lefèvre, IUCN Director General, in Science, Vol. 327 (March 2010)


Biodiversity Policy Challenges

by Mace, G. & Mooney, H., in Science, Vol. 325 (September 2009)


Analysis: New U.N. body to put value on planet

Reuters (July 2010)

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Give decision makers access to the value of nature's services

Guardian (June 2010)

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Fewer and Fewer

New York Times (June 2010)

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