The Task Force has been established to address a number of urgent issues relating to the conservation of adequate and representative areas of freshwater / inland waters habitats within protected areas so as to contribute to the 2010 global biodiversity target.

Key aims are to:

  1. Provide clarity with respect to the application of the IUCN definition of a protected area and its categories to freshwater ecosystems and how this contributes to broadscale conservation strategies, the needs of the CBD Programme of Work on Protected Areas, and the achievement of the 2010 biodiversity target.
  2.  Advise on protected area measures for actions 1.2.4 and 1.2.6, and Goal 1.2 generally, in the Programme of Work on Biological Diversity of Inland Water Ecosystems agreed at CBD CoP7, Malaysia, in February 2004.
  3. Ensure that freshwater-focused protected areas (eg. wild or heritage rivers, fisheries reserves, Ramsar sites, etc) are integrated into relevant systems, such as the World Database on Protected Areas.
  4. Produce advice on the adequate management of freshwater ecosystems within protected area systems.
  5. Advise on measures needed to conserve and restore connectivity necessary for the health of freshwater ecosystems in protected areas. 
  6. Promote enhanced collaboration between IUCN WCPA and other freshwater protected area practitioners, e.g. IUCN Water and Nature Initiative (WANI) and the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.
  7. Continually strive towards representative membership (including developing nations) and transparent consultative processes among IUCN members and invited experts.

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Alto Tajo National Park (Spain)

Photo: Pedro Regato

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John Matthews

WCPA Task Force Leader

Email: johoma@alliance4water.org




WCPA Task Force Co-Chair


Email: iharrison@conservation.org