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WCPA Strategic Direction Co-Chair
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WCPA Strategic Direction Co-Chair
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Mountain PAs and Connectivity as a priority:

Over the past decades, the recognized importance of protecting Mountain ecosystems resulted in numerous protected areas in the Mountain Biomes around the world. This success has created an opportunity. The world’s relatively well-developed systems of Mountain Protected Areas can serve as examples of how to address connectivity issues, building ecological networks and applying the ecosystem approach. Mountain protected areas can demonstrate conservation strategies through ecosystem corridors to maintain biodiversity pattern and process in the landscape. Further, as mountain ecosystems are vulnerable to global changes, including the effects of climate change, they can also serve explore adaptation options while generally raising the profile of the issues. As well, there is a need for a clearer understanding of how cultural and spiritual values can be fully recognized and appropriately protected alongside natural ones. There is also a need to recognize and promote the involvement of a diverse range of communities in protected area establishment and management.

WCS, Wild Yak, field work, SOS, 2011A-006, 11A-06-02

Crossing Chang Tang Mountains

Photo: © Wildlife Conservation Society