What is the WCPA Young Professionals Group?

The Young Professionals (YP) Group of The World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) is a voluntary group and a collective forum of like-minded youth and young professionals associated with protected areas and conservation in diverse capacities. Membership of the group is by invitation, on the basis of individual interest and relevant experiences in relation to protected areas as well as a willingness to assist in a voluntary capacity with the work of WCPA in general and the YP Group in particular. In general, the following types of people are members of the YP Group:

  • Young managers, leaders and practitioners of protected areas;
  • Young experts in relation to the fields of WCPA's interests;
  • Young academic specialists, students, researchers in areas relating to protected areas and conservation; and/or
  • Young representatives from relevant non-government organisations involved with protected areas and conservation.

YPs are 35 years old or younger. All members of WCPA who are 35 years or younger are eligible for a membership in the WCPA-YP Group. However, to be a member of the YP Group, membership with WCPA is not necessary. If YP Group members are interested in WCPA membership as well, the Vice Chairs can help to facilitate that application process.

Our Vision is a community of protected area leaders of different generations, geographies, and genders learning and working together within and through the IUCN.

Our Mission is to foster intergenerational partnerships between established and emerging young Protected Area (PA) leaders and professionals to contribute in meaningful ways to the work of WCPA and broader IUCN in valuing and conserving biodiversity, governing nature’s use and sharing its benefits equitably, and deploying nature-based solutions to global challenges.

Our Goal for 2013 – 2016 is to increase proactive and meaningful participation of emerging young PA leaders and professionals in the priority areas of WCPA in conserving nature, developing capacity, achieving quality, respecting people and offering solutions.

Our Objectives:

  1. Increase membership of Young Professionals (YPs) and conservation leaders in the WCPA with greater diversity of membership across regions, indigenous and local communities, and expertise;
  2. Increase and improve involvement of young members on the Task Forces, Specialist Groups, Projects, Programs, etc. of the WCPA and IUCN, in collaboration with established Commission Chair, Vice-Chairs, leaders and members;
  3. Contribute towards professional and capacity development for young WCPA members;
  4. Ensure YPs are active participants and voices heard at global conservation and protected area events;
  5. Raise awareness of WCPA-IUCN and promote the work of YPs among youth-oriented environmental/conservation organizations, networks, universities, and initiatives.
  6. Greater recognition and implementation of Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability as an important partnership strategy within the IUCN.

How to Become a WCPA YP Group Member?

To be inscribed as members of WCPA-YP Group, individuals must:

Terms of Reference of WCPA YP Members

Members must contribute constructively to the mission, goal, objectives and activities of WCPA and WCPA-YP Group in a voluntary capacity and in particular to:

  • Promote activities and membership of WCPA and the YP Group in respective countries and regions;
  • Assist in planning, funding and executing activities of the YP Group;
  • Associate with, learn and contribute to various specialist groups, task forces, and/or themes of WCPA;
  • Represent WCPA-YP Group in conservation related events, gatherings, meetings and conferences; and
  • Serve as a focal point of the YP Group in your respective country and region (optional).

Other Ways to Connect with the WCPA-YP Group:

Jóvenes venezolanos comprometidos por la sustentabilidad durante el 6to. Congreso Mundial Juvenil en Brasil

Jóvenes venezolanos comprometidos por la sustentabilidad durante el 6to. Congreso Mundial Juvenil en Brasil

Photo: Maria Eugenia Rinaudo

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Sudeep Jana
  • Young Professionals Co Vice Chair

WCPA Young Professionals Co Vice Chair

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Elaine Hsiao
  • Young Professionals Co-Vice Chair


WCPA Young Professionals Co Vice Chair

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