Indigenous women in Uluru Indigenous protected Area, Uluru Kata-Tjuta National Park

Beyond Uluru

New opportunities for the aboriginal guardians of the Katiti / Petermann Range Indigenous Protected Area in Australia’s Northern Territory.  …  

09 Nov 2015 | Article

Inspiring Places - Promote your Protected Area

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Inspiring Places are the most viewed section of our website, your text will not only be on the homepage of the website for 2 weeks, it will also be an integral part of our monthly newsletter.

If you would like to promote your protected area, please email Valerie: with the following information

  • Approximately 15 high resolution images of the protected area (together with an authorization allowing IUCN to use these images on Flickr
  • 1 map
  • About an A4 Page of text including:
    • Short background: about 150 words describing the PA, its conservation objectives, the IUCN category, the management authority, the governance arranagements, and other relevant information, e.g. if it has world heritage status;
    • Context, location and size: Something about the region where it is located, the size of the PA in square kilometers, and other PAs in the vicinity, including transboundary context;
    •  Biodiversity and cultural features protected: a short description of about 150 words, giving information on geology, fauna and flora, cultural features, species on the IUCN Red List etc. 
    • Threats: Describe threats to the site and what is being done to address threats

It would certainly be helpful if you could check the current information on the PA in ProtectedPlanet, to ensure that the information is correct, and to make a submission on ProtectedPlanet if you find discrepancies.See

If you would like to write it in another language than english that’s fine, we just need a translation, but as for the Canadian sites we will put both languages up.